Saturday, March 29, 2014

Essay:Life In A Big City

Life in a big city has its own advantages and disadvantages.I realized this thing when I
happened to visit Karachi last month.Life in a big city has a number of facilities which cannot
be available to those living in small towns and villages .A big city is usually the center of
trade and industry .There are offices of big business firms and of various government
departments.So people can get varied chances of employment and business and better
opportunities of progress.They can travel by air ,train or bus to any other city within the
country or to any other country of the world.They enjoy the facilities of telephone ,talex and
newspaper to keep themselves well-informed about the fast changing world of business and
politics.They can see and meet an important foreign dignitary visiting their country.
If they feel tires of bored by  the daily business.They can go to recreate themselves in some
cinema music hall, exhibition ,club,park or playground of their choice.If they fall ill,they can
get admission in the best hospitals and avail themselves of the services of the most
experienced and expert doctors.

They can send their children to the best educational institutions and training centers available
in the country .They can easily approach any high authority of the country, including
the President and the Prime Ministry.The cultural environment of a big city goes a useful for
the country and the nation.The city people keep themselves abreast of the new fashions
and healthy developments in dress, furniture and other household amenities of life.They
enjoy in the real sense and live in an elegant style .It is a glamorous and enviable life in all

Life in a big city has its ugly aspects also.The ever increasing population of big
cities creates  many problems of huge dimension.Most of the people have to live in
slums or small flats of many storied buildings .They remain deprived of fresh
ail,open sunshine and green view for ever.Humanity seems to stagnating in these dark and
narrow holes,without ever having seen the sun setting or rising.Nothing pure and fresh can
be available for eating of drinking .Even the air and water in big cities are polluted.The noise
made by the heavy traffic and the smoke and dust raised by it make the life of people really

Those living in houses close to the problem of over crowding everywhere on the roads, in
the streets and shops, class-room ,hospitals, buses , etc. The traffic is so heavy and fast that it
is no less than an ordeal to cross a road or reach  home safe.

The prices of the things of daily use,especially of meat, milk ,fruit ,vegetables ,flour etc.
are three or four times higher than in rural areas.Due to the increased cost of living, people
have to work day and night to maintain a reasonable standard of living.They remain hurries
and worried all the time .They remain  deprived of the leisure and peace
of mind enjoyed by the people living in villages.

There is a strange kind of loneliness in big cities, because people are strangers even
to their next door neighbour.This sense of social isolation is badly felt in time of
death and distress.There is no one to share your joys and sorrow s as in village
society.The road accidents and explosions that take place daily in big cities,have made
 human life most insecure and uncertain.It is quite possible that a person may leave his house
quite hale and hearty in the morning ,going to his shop or office,but his dead body may reach
home after an hour.In short ,life in a big city is not as enviable as it appears to be.In the end
of life is peace of mind and real happiness, it is not to be found in big cities.

Essay: Life In Pakistani Village

Pakistan is an agricultural country.About seventy percent of its population depends upon
agriculture directly or indirectly.All these people are living in villages.The village life in our country has its own blessings and problems.we can easily compae it with the city life.

The life in our villages is very simple ,peaceful and natural.The villagers are the children of nature.They are simple ,sincere and frank.They have no artificiality and no hypocrisy.Their joys and sorrows are very simple and their needs of life are also limited .They have no high ambitions of life and lead a contented life.They enjoy real peace of mind because they are free from the unnecessary worries and responsibilities of life .Therefore ,they can enjoy sound sleep unlike the people living in cities.

Life in a village is also very peaceful .It is free from the dust and noise of traffic as will as the smoke and dirt produced by the factories .The villagers can enjoy fresh air,open sunshine and the beautiful scenes of nature like the green fields, tall hills, murmuring streams ,chirping birds, etc. there is no fear of adulteration as faced be the people living in cities.The flour, milk, gee, vegetables, fruit and other things of daily use can be available  pure , fresh and cheap.Therefore ,the villagers enjoy better health and look more vigorous than the city people.

Life in a village is very enjoyable ,because of the live and brotherhood in the
people of a village.They know one another personally and like to share the joys and sorrows of the others.There is a leader of the village whom everybody obeys willingly.If there is  a marriage or a funeral in any one house the whole village takes part it it .Therefore ,the village people do not feel lonely in items of distress as in big cities where the next-door neighbour  do not know each other.The village enough spare time to sit with one  another and to gossip over a round of "hibbble-bubble ".

The village people have a few but very healthy recreations .They love to play games like
Kabaddi, Football,Volleyball,etc. Hunting ,horse racing ,and tent-pegging are popular
sports in villages.They are free from the unhealthy and immoral social activities found in big cities .There is a good family life ,in which the children have great love and regard for their elders .There is a religious leader in every village who also acts as a physician.Everybody comes to seek shi advice and acts upon it.The fairs, the festivals and harvesting  create great excitement in the life of the villagers.

However, village life in Pakistan is not without draw-backs.Most of the villages are far
away from the cities and markets.They are not linked with cities by roads and railway lines.There are no facilities of transport ,electricity ,hospital and telephone.Many of the villages in our country are still without any school for boys and girls.Therefore a vast majority of the people remain uneducated,backward and poor .They fight and quarrel over ordinary matters of life.Sometimes these quarrels result in murders and enmity which continues from generation to generation.They waste their hard-earned money on law-suits and litigation.There is also un-employment in the villages  because the educated people
cannot get any job or chances of progress like  the people living cities.

The Government of Pakistan have been ignoring the people in village for a long time .We
cannot become an advanced country by keeping our villagers poor and backward .It is the duty of the government to improve the conditions of life in villages.The farmer is the most useful member of our society; and we should try to improve his lot.It is the duty of government to provide electricity, road , health centers ,schools ,and training centers in villages.All the industries based on agricultural produce like sugar, cloth, cotton and oil mills should be set up in villages to provide easy loans to the farmers .In this way there will be a revolution in the life of the farming community.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Essay: My Hobbies

You all like to have some hobbies ,and so do I .When I am tired of my routine
work at college, I turn to walking and photography.You may not see eye to eye with me in the choice of my hobbies .But why should you? I believe walking is as good as playing cricket,or any game of skill with a pack of cards.Personally I Do not like playing cricket.I wonder why people spoil good turf by hitting at an innocent ball.Hitting at a ball is no hobby;just as hitting a dog is no hobby.I think you see my point.
Think you for that.

I have a passion for walking .Even I was a small chit of a boy ,I was as much
fond of it as words worth was fond of liking at a daffodil or at a 'Solitary Reaper'. One
day I played a truant from the class to enjoy a ling walk in the open fields.when
came back in the evening ,I was so proud of my achievement that I told it to my elder brother.He gave it out.
my hobbies
My Hobby Walking
The result was disastrous .My father gave me a sound beating .Will, it was so
like a father.This didn't improve my habits.I kept the joys of walking only to myself and
never allowed my elder brother to let me down in future.

I am an inveterate walker.When I am free ,I go out for a ling walk.I just let
myself go ,listening  to the warbling birds and sucking out cheerfulness from
them .I leave behind the dirty ,noisy classroom and dusty thoroughfares.I like to go by
myself ;nature is company enough for me .

Like Hazlitt, I cannot see the wit of walking and talking at the same time .If you allow a friend to accompany you,he will talk of films,fines and football fixtures.Such things spoil the pure joy of a walk.

There are some people who take a walk for the sake of health.They call it a
"constitutional" walk.I hate such people .They reduce walking to the status of a health
giving medicine.I walk because I must walk.If I am ill ,I never go out for a walk,because my body is not disposed to accompany my mind .Only  a very fit man can enjoy a ling walk.It invigorates the body and refreshes the mind .One seems to drink life at every pore.

I hate physical exercise in any form and ,if somebody assures me that
walking is only an improved form of physical exertion,I will gibe it up straightaway.I
walk because it opens up new vistas of life  before me ,which remain lamentably closed in
play grounds and grassy lawns.O ! for the joy of mere walking; leaping from rock to

Now I come to my second hobby: photography.I do not exactly know how I came to love
it.Even now my interest in ti is very lukewarm.I began with a Baby Brownie, which was
presented to me by my cousin on my sixteenth birthday.He was the first to be shot with his
own gift.The result was horrible .Every one of us was ashamed of it.He looked so ghastly in the picture.
My hobbies
My hobby Photography
Now photography became my passion.I went with my camera slung from my
shoulders looking for suitable faces.Some of my best pictures belong to that period.They are pictures of hill, revers,trees,men and women.

Photography has many advantages.Things are always young.What is refreshingly young
today may be insufferably old tomorrow .Even the glorious hues of nature are short-lived .
Besides,there are other unique moments in life which we like to preserve.Photography
enables us to preserve these cherished moments.Some of the pictures which appear so trivial today will assume a new life when we shall look at them after years .I wish I could have a beautiful camera and a cargo of films! I would become a vagrant photographer and 'shoot' every beautiful face.
                  There are my hobbies .I believe you like them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Essay:The Choice of A Career

A hundred years back no one worried about the choice of a career.The son of a
carpenter became a carpenter; an oilman would train his son in his own craft,and a
business-man would leave behind his business to his son.In this way the world went on
smoothly and very few persons were troubled by the question of the choice of a
who though about a career was called a "careerist".But the world in which we are living
today is very different.Everybody worries about the career he is going to follow .Even
uneducated parents are constantly worrying about the careers of their children.
The Choice of Career
The Choice of Career
Our career is determined by number of factors.Some children follow the career chosen
by their parents others carve a career for themselves.In many cases personal likes and dislikes go a ling way in the choice of career.Children born in the house of a commercial magnate naturally take to business.The business is already established,therefore it requires a little effort to settle down to a life of secure earning .The son of Henry Ford inherited the business of his father.He had not to trouble about the choice of a career .The successors of H.O. Wills were born to career for themselves.They have to work hard and fight against heavy odds.All great men of the world are made of this stuff.Take the case of Stalin or Bernard Shaw. Stalin. was the son of a poor cobbler ,yet he became one of the greatest men of our age.Shaw began his career in poverty.But by constant labour he made a name for himself.Such men are geniuses and a genius will always chalk out a career for itself.

Personal likes and dislikes, as I have said ,are some times the deciding actor in the
choice of one's profession.A person with poetic leanings would always like to be poor poet
rather be a successful druggist or an efficient civil servant The life of a successful druggist of a civil servant may be easy but it will crush his soul and the poet in him will be killed.Children with adventurous nature will be a great success in an independent profession,such as Law of Medicine .All great industrialists,who rise from poverty to power  ,are born with this impulse.
The Choice of Career
The Choice of Career
A child who lacks courage and confidence should never enter a profession which calls for
constant effort .Such a child  should always follow secure career like teaching and civil
service .He will earn monthly salary ,regular annual increments and when he retries his
pension will be fixed by the Accountant -General's office.This man will have an easy and
secure life like the bird in a cage,but beyond that he will have nothing.

In Pakistan every young man aspires to be a P.C.S. or C.S.P. officer .It seems our
young men have lost the spirit of adventure .They want a secure job with an easy living and no risk .It is time that more of our young men should enter independent career where they can find sufficient scope for their initiative .Above all,they should remember  that no profession is dignified in itself unless we bring dignity toil .It is not the career that counts but courage that we bring to it:
"When you've work to do ,boys,
Do it with a will.
They who would reach the top,boys
First must climb the hill."