Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essay:Atomic Energy and Scientific Progress

Atom is Greek word which means a thing that cannot be cut and broken.It is the smallest
particle of matter.It is no longer undivided and broken.The scientists have broken it into
further smallest particles.They are called electrons ,protons and neutrons.They release great
power and energy.It was the great scientist Einstein who began to work on theory of
producing energy from atom in 1905.He explained many things.First, he showed that matter
and energy are different forms of the same thing.In other words,matter can be converted into
energy and vice versa.Second; a small amount of matter produced a great amount of energy.
The discovery of atomic energy is one of the wonders of the modern science.

The scientists first of all used it for destructive purpose.They prepared atomic 
bombs, hydrogen and cobalt bombs which could destroy cities and towns within a twinkling
of an eye .It was in 1945 ,that a single atom bomb destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki .It killed
thousands of men and women and destroyed vast areas of land.Now all the big powers
possess much more atomic and dangerous hydrogen bombs.They can raze the world
to ground if they are clearly used.

Atomic energy can also be used for the welfare of mankind.The scientists in U.S.A ,
England, Canada and Germany are at work for peaceful use of nuclear energy.An atom for
peace conference was held at Geneva to think over the use of Nuclear Energy.The U.S.A has
already started to use this energy to propel submarines and space rockets.The Russians
have also harnessed it for space travel.At present, electricity is produced form the atomic
energy in advanced countries like U.S.A , Russia and Britain .Our scientists are also trying to
produce electricity from atomic energy.The scientists are also trying to produce electricity
form atomic energy.The scientists are also trying to find out ways of using atomic powers as
fuel in ships aeroplanes,, motor cars etc. At present atomic reactors for boiling water exist in
different countries.

Atomic energy is safely used to conquer many fatal diseases.Radium is used in the
treatment of cancer.Tadio-therapy is an important branch of medical science.It is used to
destroy the over grown cells of our body.The Isotopes of sodium, potassium , bromine and
iodine are used to known origin of disease.Thus atomic energy is fo immense help to alleviate
human sufferings.

Nuclear energy has also brought a revolution in the field of industry.Petrol and coal are
well known sources of energy and power.The supply of these two sources of power is coming
to an end.The world is in search of another source of power.It is the nuclear energy.
Electronic machines and computers are being use in our industry.They are used in the
Plastic, glass ,paper textile ,rubber and cement industry .Atomic energy is also a great help in
agriculture.The barren lands can be tiled into smiling fields with the help of computerizes
tractors and machines.Crops can be ripened within a very short time .The yield crops per
acre can also be multiplied .In this way the scientists are trying to solve the shortage of food
problems .We can say that atomic energy can be used with full advantage for the welfare of

Essay:Democracy &Dictatorship

Democracy is a popular form of Government .It is practiced successfully in
many countries of the world .In this form of Government, people elect their own rulers.In a
democratic country ,there are many political parties.They take part in election.The party,
which wins by the majority of vote, is declared successful.It is called to form the
Government.The rest of the parties are supposed to sit on the opposition benches.In
the assembly ,important issues are debated and discussed by both the ruling party as well as
the opposition party.The decision on different problems of the country is taken after much

Dictatorship is a system of Government is which one party or  one person rules the
country.The entire power rests with that party or the ruler.The party comes into power after
election.However, unlike democracy, there is not any opposition party.All the votes are cast
in favour of one party.In dictatorship no one can oppose the ruler.There are many
restrictions on the freedom of people. An individual does not enjoy any type of freedom /The
radio, the television, the newspapers and other mass media conceal facts .Their main business
is to admire and praise the ruling party .In dictatorship an individual does not enjoy
any respect.This form of Government is popular in communist countries as Russia, China and
East Germany.

in democracy there is full freedom of expressing public opinion.An individual enjoys
full freedom to think , write and express his views .The press is completely free .The policies
of the Government are debated and discussed freely in the newspaper as well as in the
Assembly Hall. In democracy, a person enjoys respect and importance.

Democracy is linked with justice .Every body has equal right in the eye of law.The
voters can choose and remove their rulers according to their own will.This form of
Government is popular and successful in America ,Britain ,India and Japan.Democracy has
failed in under developed countries. The reasons for its failure are the following:

Democracy is a difficult system of Government .Only the educated and sensible people
can understand and run it.In our country and in many other Asian countries, most of people
are uneducated and backward.They cannot understand the real spirit and structure of a
democratic system of government .Most of the people in our country are poor.At the time of
election , the voters are bribed  and tempted to give their votes in favour of
irresponsible and uneducated candidates.In this way , in democracy, the responsible and
educated candidates do not return to Assembly.

In a democratic form of government , the candidates use unfair means to win the election.
The candidates of the rival party are kidnapped .the ballot boxes are broken and
undue pressure is exercised on the officers who conduct the election.In this way ,the elections
open the gateway to corruption, bribery and selfishness.

Democracy has many merits  but it has many demerits also .It is known for its inefficiency
and slowness.At the time of national emergencies, it fails to cope with the situation.
The national issues of great importance ore debated and discussed in the assembly .It takes a
long time jto arrive at any decision.In this way , many problems of utmost importance remain
unsolved in the light of above discussion .We can say that democracy in spite of its defects is
still a popular form of Government .So it is better than dictatorship.

Essay:A Village Fair

Fairs are very common in our country .They are generally held in the honour of
some pious person.They are often held after the harvest is over.People have
leisure and  money .They can spend time as well as money to make them a success.

All sorts of people attend the fair at the shrine. The go to the fair for the sake of
merry making and enjoyment.At one place, you see a merry go round with its load of
children .At  another place ,we find the juggler showing his tricks.acrobats and rope dancers
also perform their seats in a corner.In a village fair, people get a chance to buy and sell their
goods.These fairs have a religious touch also.They also encourage trade and let the people
have a get together.I have seen many fairs in my life.The village is remarkable for its activity.
Once I happened to go to village fair .The village is situated on Lahore Faisalabad road.Its
name is Kot Mehmood .There is a spacious ground near the road side .In the middle ,there is a
tomb of a pious person.I do not know his real name but he is known as SHAH BUKHARI.
There is fair popular belief that on the day of fair ,it always rains.The fair lasts for three days.

The drummers come from far and near and beat their drums in the front of tomb .They beat 
them loud and fast .People offer FATEH at tomb.Women come to greed the dead saint.But
most of the people come to enjoy the fair.

There are sweet shops .The villagers stand around them and buy the sweets eagerly
"pakoras" are sold in large quantities .They are fresh and spicy.Mangoes and water melons are also

There are peep shows and cinemas .It is at night that villagers go to see the
cinema show .There is a snake charmer who show different feats to the people .He has a lot
of snakes.He catches hold of the snake in his hand and show it freely to the people .The
people are greatly amused at the different movements of the snake.

The villagers take a part in many games .They arrange matches of wrestling and kabaddi.
The wrestling matches are often exciting and thrilling.Some village singers also collect a
large gathering of people.There is also found the presence of policemen.They try to maintain
the law and order in the fair.