Friday, February 14, 2014

Essay:A Visit to Hospital

Health is indeed,the greatest wealth of man.If health is lost,all other possessions
and facilities of life lose their charm for us.The diseased leave their homes,children and
interests of life and have to lie in hospitals at the mercy of doctors and nurses.A hospital
is ,indeed, a place of pain ,misery and helplessness.Nobady likes to visit a hospital for fun
and enjoyment.The noble medical men who remain busy in relieving people of their pain and
distress,deserve our highest regards and deepest gratitude.
A Visit to Hospital
I realized this thing during my visit to the District Hospital last month.My uncle had
been admitted there for a kidney operation ,and I went to enquire after his well-being .When I
was walking through the corridors of the hospital,I saw huge crowds of patients waiting for
their turns outside the doors of the doctor's room.Some of them were standing in the X-Ray
room,while the others were getting their blood ,urine of stool checked in the laboratories.I
was deeply moved to see patients in serious condition ,being taken from one place to the other
on strechers and wheel-chairs .I realized that day how weak and helpless man feels before the
will of God.

I had to go the surgical ward at the upper storey.The watchman at the entrance gate
did not let the Visitors in ,because the Medical superintendent was on his routine visit.After
waiting for  half an hour,we were permitted to come in.The general ward was a big hall
having forty beds in two rows with sufficient space between them .Each bed was provided
with a cupboard and a wooden bench.All the beds were covered with clean white bed-sheets
and red blankets.The doctors laid great stress upon cleanliness and peace in the hospital.In
order to avoid disturbance to the patients,the visitors were not allowed to come crowding of
stay for longer hours.There was a chart attached to each bed, describing the disease of the
patients and the treatment given from time to time.I saw junior doctor and nurses attending to
different patients and giving them injections and daily doses of medicines .Most of these
medicines were purchased by the patients from the bazaar.The hospital administration
provided meals to the admitted patients,though they could also make their private
A Visit to Hospital 
I saw a variety of patients suffering from different ailments.There was a small boy
whose leg had been fractured in a road accident.He was lying on the bed with his bandaged
leg tied to a support.There was another patient who had some throat trouble and could not
swallow diet through the mouth.He was provided diet through a tube that had been
passed into his stomach.There was still another who had developed stones in his urinary
bladder.The doctors had made arrangements for the discharge of his urine through a tube.
Some of the patients had been cured and were waiting to be discharge.They passed their
time by reading book and newspapers .In short, the hospital looked like a little world in itself.
I returned home with a deep sense of thankfulness to God that my body was functioning
normally and I was enjoying good health.