Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Essay:Mobile Telephone

There is an age of science and technology .The recent development in the field of
technology has  given birth to many 'wonders in our life .The progress in the field of
communication has surprised everybody. The mobile telephone is a wonderful invention of
science .It looks incredible that a man should talk or converse with another man while he is
traveling or he is on his way to work. Such a thing was impossible few days ago. The mobile
telephones have become very popular in the modern life. They have become friend and
companion to every man and woman .In the modern age ,it is a professional necessity.
Even in private life ,it has established its utility .Now people can not do away with them.

1)  Firstly, they are the most rapid and quickest means of communication. We are
connected with another man all the time without losing a second .They have increase
our volume of business and trade. The money exchangers of different countries can
promote their business through mobile phones. The rates of different currencies in all
countries are communicated to the customer rapidly .The flow of money from one
country to other is made smooth and easy through this instrument .In this way ,many
business failures are avoided.

2)  Secondly, The mobile phones have helped the travelers, explorers ,hunters and
passengers a lot. Now the hunters and travelers of all kind may explore any place
of value or interest.They may explore the inner depths of a cave of the heights of a
mountain .They may be lost in a desert. They may be caught in a wind storm .In any
time of  crisis and difficulty they can make contact with their friends or with the
government agencies and seek help from them .They can look for emergency help or
rescue operation by the parties with the help of mobile phones.

3) Thirdly,  The mobile phones may save us from the attack of criminals or terrorists if we
use them wisely and intelligently ,we can contact the police before we are attacked.
Many cases have been reported where the mobile telephone has saved the life of a car
traveler. The intending attacker of hijacker can be easily handled through mobile
telephone .That is why, the guards at important buildings gave been provided with
mobile telephone sets

The mobile telephone is a great friend and companion of a criminal or  a terrorist .The
criminals and terrorist make use of this device to make contact.They plan or make a plot to
attack a building ,hijack a person or commit a robbery in a bank through the telephone.
This is a safe device for them .Many outlaws and hardened criminals escaped from the prison
homes with the aid of this instrument.

It has shattered the nervous system of many of its users.Its frequent users suffer from
nervous ailments .It affects our memory .

It has discouraged true learning.Now the students waste a lot of their time on mobile
telephones than on their books.Its excessive use results in the loss of time and money. 

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