Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Essay:Mobile Telephone

There is an age of science and technology .The recent development in the field of
technology has  given birth to many 'wonders in our life .The progress in the field of
communication has surprised everybody. The mobile telephone is a wonderful invention of
science .It looks incredible that a man should talk or converse with another man while he is
traveling or he is on his way to work. Such a thing was impossible few days ago. The mobile
telephones have become very popular in the modern life. They have become friend and
companion to every man and woman .In the modern age ,it is a professional necessity.
Even in private life ,it has established its utility .Now people can not do away with them.

1)  Firstly, they are the most rapid and quickest means of communication. We are
connected with another man all the time without losing a second .They have increase
our volume of business and trade. The money exchangers of different countries can
promote their business through mobile phones. The rates of different currencies in all
countries are communicated to the customer rapidly .The flow of money from one
country to other is made smooth and easy through this instrument .In this way ,many
business failures are avoided.

2)  Secondly, The mobile phones have helped the travelers, explorers ,hunters and
passengers a lot. Now the hunters and travelers of all kind may explore any place
of value or interest.They may explore the inner depths of a cave of the heights of a
mountain .They may be lost in a desert. They may be caught in a wind storm .In any
time of  crisis and difficulty they can make contact with their friends or with the
government agencies and seek help from them .They can look for emergency help or
rescue operation by the parties with the help of mobile phones.

3) Thirdly,  The mobile phones may save us from the attack of criminals or terrorists if we
use them wisely and intelligently ,we can contact the police before we are attacked.
Many cases have been reported where the mobile telephone has saved the life of a car
traveler. The intending attacker of hijacker can be easily handled through mobile
telephone .That is why, the guards at important buildings gave been provided with
mobile telephone sets

The mobile telephone is a great friend and companion of a criminal or  a terrorist .The
criminals and terrorist make use of this device to make contact.They plan or make a plot to
attack a building ,hijack a person or commit a robbery in a bank through the telephone.
This is a safe device for them .Many outlaws and hardened criminals escaped from the prison
homes with the aid of this instrument.

It has shattered the nervous system of many of its users.Its frequent users suffer from
nervous ailments .It affects our memory .

It has discouraged true learning.Now the students waste a lot of their time on mobile
telephones than on their books.Its excessive use results in the loss of time and money. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Essay: Why I Love Pakistan

Pakistan is my mother land.I was born and brought up in this country .Patriotism is a
natural feeling.Man cannot help loving the native place where he saw the light.I love
Pakistan because its soil has gone into my bones and my being.My flesh and blood
are the product of this piece of earth.I eat its food , drink  its water and breathe its air.So
loving Pakistan is in fact loves myself.I have become used to its climate,its vegetables and
fruits which cannot be available any where else.

I love Pakistan because of my family members, relatives and friends who reside in this
country .These persons are a part of my life ,and I cannot think of living without them.They
share my joys and sorrows , and have made my life charming and enjoyable .Indeed ,it is for
the happiness and welfare of my  parents and brothers and sisters that I am living .Of I am given
an option of getting double span of life in the next century in exchange for the present
period .I would not agree because it would be without the dear faces of my friends and
relatives to see.

I live Pakistan because it is not merely a piece of land to me but a symbol of every
thing that I cherish .The type of social life found in the country, its customs ,Traditions and
moral values have gone deep into my outlook of life .I an a Muslim by birth, and it is only in
Pakistan that can get the spiritual pleasure of praying in a mosque along with my other
Muslims brethren.How can I enjoy life in a society where adulteration is not considered a sin?
How can I be happy in country where I cannot talk to the people in my mother-tongue, or
cannot hear punjabi and urdu songs?The cultural life in Pakistan has gone deep into my
blood, and it makes this country very dear to me.

Pakistan is dear to me also for the sacrifices made by our ancestors to win this
homeland .This is the land where Muhammad Bin Qasim brought the torch of Islam, and
where the great Mughals ruled for centuries .We has to struggle hard to liberate it from the
clutches of the English imperialists and prejudiced Hindus.it is this country where we are
trying to establish a truly Islamic system of life .Our brave soldiers like Major Aziz Bhatti
shed their blood to protect this land from the evil designs of the aggressors
Every handful of its dust is mixed with the blood of these martyrs; the bones of our
illustrious ancestors are buried in this country and make this land sacred to us .

I love Pakistan also because of its interest in my well-being .it is only in Pakistan that I
enjoy full security of life , property and honour .I  can buy here any kind of property ,establish
any kind of business or join any government service.it is only in Pakistan that I enjoy the
right to vote and can stand as  a service .It is only in Pakistan that I enjoy the right to vote and
can stand as a candidate for any office ,even of the president of Pakistan.The rights and
liberties available to me in this country cannot be guaranteed by any other government under
the sun .I love Pakistan with my heart and soul ,and am  ever ready to make  the greatest
sacrifice for its survival and progress.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Essay: Science In The Service Of Society

Science is the most valuable field of human knowledge.It has greatly helped man in his
practical life.It has made life very comfortable and enjoyable.All the progress that man has
made is due to science .It has made him the crown of creation in the real sense .Man is no
longer at the mercy of Nature .He is hot afraid of the wild animals and sudden changes in
weather .Science has helped man to explore the hidden treasures earth,the depths of j
the sea and the heights of mountains.Man can fly like birds and has successfully landed on
the moon.Man has explored all the hidden treasures of the earth such as coal ,oil, minerals,
etc.He is now in search of new world of stars and the Mars.

The knowledge of science has greatly helped man in his fight  against disease, poverty
and ignorance.It has provided him wonderful medicines to control the diseases which were
fatal once upon  a time .Science has also provided the doctor wonderful medical test and
instruments to diagnose the defects of human machinery .Surgery has advanced so much that
eyes, kidneys and heart of one body can be transplanted into another.In case of accidents ,we
can have artificial limbs of plastic to live a normal life.

Scientists have invented machines to increase the production of things of daily use.They
have also thought us new methods of storing and preserving the perishable
commodities like meat, eggs, fruit ,vegetables ,etc. These things now can be available out of
season and out of place.The days of famine and scarcity have come to an end forever.The
invention of wheel has brought about a revolution in the field of transport and travel .Man has
railways cars ships and aeroplanes to travel on the surface of the earth,the sea and the sky.

He can travel more comfortably and at much higher speed .The distance which was covered in
months and years can now be covered in days and hours.The wonderful inventions of
telephone ,telegraph ,television,and radio have further destroyed the barriers of time and
distance between persons and nations .They are co-operating with one another in field of
trade, industry and research .The invention of the printing press has greatly helped.The days
of kings ,barons and cruel rulers have come to an  end.We are living in the age of
enlightenment democracy and social justice.Electricity is ,perhaps ,the most important
invention of science.It is being used as source of light,heat and power .As s source of power ,
it is behind the movement of every kind of wheel in the field of agriculture, industry and
transportation.With the help of electric power ,man has succeeded in demolishing mountains,
changing the source of rivers, turning deserts into smiling fields ,etc.air-conditioners and
refrigerators have turned this world into paradise.The discovery of atomic energy has brought
about a revolution in human civilization .It is being used for  the production of electric power,
curing of certain diseases like cancer and the improvement of the quality as will as quantity of
agricultural products .In short ,mankind is highly indebted to the scientists for their wonderful

Essay:A Road Accident

Road accidents have become common affair of modern life .Every day the newspaper is
full of horrible news about the accident taking place in different parts of the country.
These accidents are the ugly aspect of the scientific progress. Science has given us wonderful
means of transport which have made traveling comfortable and speedy. But accidents take
place daily on the surface earth, the sea and the sky. Many valuable humans' lives are lost
And precious machinery is destroyed.These accidents have made human life quite
unsafe and uncertain. They are the result of rash driving and ignoring the rules of

Last month, I happened to witness a very tragic road accident. I was going to my college
on my bicycle in the morning .When i reached close to the college .I saw a big crowd of
people on the road .i came to know fearful accident and just taken place between a cat and a
Tonga. The horse of the Tonga driver was inexperienced and uncontrollable .It was going on
the wrong side on the road .A car was coming at high speed from the opposite direction.The
car driver blew the horn again and again.The tonga driver strived  hard to put his
horse on the right side, but failed.The car driver applied brakes at the last moment.But the
car slipped and struck direct in to the tonga.The horse was killed on the spot.His dead body
was lying on the road,surrounded by pool of blood that had flown out of his body .The tonga
was badly broken.The passengers had a miraculous escape.Some of them received minor
injuries.But the tonga driver himself was seriously injured .He was lying unconscious on the
road .People were trying to bring him to senses by putting water in to his mouth.It was a very
pathetic scene.I could not help feeling for the poor fellow who had been completely
ruined .His horse had been killed and his tonga had been broken irreparably .His
own life was hanging in the balance.

On the other hand ,the car driver received minor injuries on his face.But the head lights
and the wind screen of his car were badly broken.To police men reached the spot and
prepared the report.They were very anxious to safe the life of the tonga driver.He was put in
to the same car by the police men and was rushed to the hospital.

I came to the college, but could not attend the lecture with full attention.I was
constantly thinking of the poor tonga driver and his misfortune.When I was returning home ,I
was shocked to learn that the poor tonga driver had demised soon after reaching the hospital.I
felt great pith for the poor fellow because he had left behind a widow and five small
children.The horrible scene of this tragic accident has left indelible impression on my mind.
My hair stand on end whenever I recollect it.