Friday, November 29, 2013

Essay: The Pleasure of College Life

College life is, no doubt, the golden period of a student's life .The knowledge gained, the
opportunities availed and the friendship made during the stay at college go a long, way in
determining the future life and career of a young man.You will often find grown-up people
mentioning the memories of their college days with great pleasure ,pride or regret .College life
ushers in a completely new stage in the educational career of a young student.As compared
with school life,it is a life of liberty,self-respect and confidence .The college students gets
freedom from the rod of the school teacher and his authoritative attitude.He feels happy to
find his college teachers quite friendly and persuasive.His feelings of self-respect ate properly
recognized and he is encouraged to depend upon himself.For the first time in his life,he feels
his own importance at home as well as at college ,and his opinions and decisions are given
due weight.He is no longer regarded a child who must be forced to do certain things
considered useful for him.He may attend the class or stay away for a day,there is no fear of
physical punishment of degrading treatment at the bands of his teacher.

College life is also pleasurable for providing a large company of like minded young men
of the same age and of similar interests.You can have the acquaintance of a large number of
college fellows,belonging to different families,having different temperaments,qualities,
habits,manners,etc.You are free to make new friends, and to learn and adopt what is
good in others.

That is why a student becomes more polished after entering the college so that his dress
and manners improve remarkable.His timidity shyness disappear,and he starts asserting
himself.Such healthy influences on the mind of a young man prove decisive in
moulding his future career and outlook of life.

He is learning all the time ,not only from books but also from his teachers and
fellow -students .If he happens to stay-at college hostel,then this process of self education
becomes more wide and deep.

College life has innumerable pleasures and facilities in the form of games,sports and
many other extra-curricular activities.These things have great value in the training of a
student's character and the development of his natural qualities of head and heart.There is a
big library having a large variety of books on different fields of knowledge.The student can
enrich his mind by borrowing books of his taste from the college library.Then there are af
number of societies of various subjects,which arrange regular meeting ,functions and
educational trips to promote the knowledge of students and to create new areas of awareness
in them.He is free to take part in any indoor or outdoor game if he has time to play in the
evening.The college has a dramatic club,a debating society,a photographic society,etc .To
promote his different inborn talents.He can become the Editor of college Magazine and
can contribute various kinds of articles,poems ,humorous essays short stories,etc.

Every college has a students union which holds election to its various offices every year.
It serves as a platform for the political training of the students,and to produce in them the
qualities of leadership.

In short,college life is full of pleasures,facilities ,possibilities and opportunities of
progress which cannot be available to a young man in his life when he enters practical
life.But all these things are of value to those who are willing to participate and benefit instead
of hesitating and staying away and aloof.


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  2. Maybe if you don't just focus on one gender "he" than the essay would have been way better :)