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Sunday, July 6, 2014


Unemployment means the joblessness of those who are able and willing to
work.Unemployment is a serious social problem.But it is not the problem of a
particular country, it is a world wide problem.The ratio of unemployment is
constantly increasing.

Economists have categorized the causes of unemployment as frictional , seasonal,
structural and cyclical.

Frictional unemployment arises when workers try to seek such
jobs as may fit their ability and taste .Friction in this case refers to the unsuitability
between the worker and the job available .A worker may give up his old
job and try to look for a new one .Sometimes ,it takes time to find a new suitable job.This type
of unemployment can be reduced somewhat by providing the workers with a
 variety of suitable jobs.

Seasonal unemployment occurs when industries have a slow season.Ours is an
agricultural country .In the crop season , new jobs are created .Particularly in cotton
season, cotton factories are run.Then workers are employed there.But when the cotton season
is over the factories are closed and workers are unemployed.Thus seasonal unemployment

Structural unemployment arises from an imbalance between the kinds of
workers wanted and the kinds of workers available.The imbalances may be caused by lack of
skills, location, of personal likes and dislikes.New rapid developments are taking place in
technology.This necessitates new skilled workers in industries.Thus industries
are left without a job.Sometimes a plant in a declining  industry is closed .It throws 
the workers out of work .Sometimes ,a plant is shifted to another place.The workers
who are unable or unwilling to move to the area are lift jobless.

Cyclical unemployment results from a general lack of demand for labour.When
the business cycle turns downward ,demand for goods and services drops; the workers are laid

Unemployment is not a petty problem in its nature .It is a very grave problem.It
hinders the smooth running of a country.Therefore ,it should be tackled before
it paralyzes the whole structure of society.The following steps can be of
tremendous help in this regard.

First, the education system should be modified.The present system is
producing such educated men as are good for nothing.They are not skilled and technically
trained.Th make the situation even worse ,they expect decent jobs.They do not accept
menial jobs and, therefore remain unemployed .The government should
introduce such system of education as may produce skilled workers.IN this regard, vocational
and technical institutes should be opened.second , new industries should be set up to
create more opportunities for employment.Third , steps should be taken to control the
population .Fourth, cottage industry should be promoted in towns and
villages.If these steps are taken ,the problem may be solved

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Essay: Information Technology

processing and distribution of data through computers.Telecommunications and digital
electronics is called Information Technology.This is an age of IT .The world has changed into
a global village.Easy access to all kinds of data across the world is the fruit of IT.This
is the most leading technology of the present age .The followings are the means that are
used in IT.

Computer is the most important equipment used in IT.A computer is a collection
of simple machines whose activities are coordinated by a central control unit.These
machines can read information and store this information for later use.Mother Board ,
Processor ,RAM, Monitor, Key Board ,Mouse ,CD ROM and Floppy Derive are the main
components of a computer.

The most remarkable features of a computer are speed ,versatility and accuracy
As life has become speedy and quick ,the importance of computer has increased.It is
being used in every field of life.In industry ,it keeps a record of goods,cost and
output.It provides a great deal of help in engineering.It designs buildings of all kinds.
It gives information about the  best material to be used.In medicine, it assists of perform
various tests, diagnoses diseases and prescribes medicine.In space , sea
and earth explorations,it performed wonders .It collects information of
various heavenly bodies, their properties and atmospheric
conditions.It tells us about the treasures hidden deep within the Earth's crust
and  in the depth of seas.In the field of education it has performed wonders.It collects
information for us from the most remote parts of the world.

Data processing is the analysis of data by using one or more computer
programmes.It is widely used in business, engineering ,science and many other fields.Data
processing if of two kinds i.e database processing and transaction processing .A database
is a collection of common records stored in a computer.It can be searched , accessed
and modified .Band account records are the examples of such a
data.Transaction processing refers to the sharing of data between computers.In this
process one computer can access the data stores in other computers.

Internet is a global information system.It works through many interconnected
computer networks.Each network may link tens, hundreds, or even thousands of computer.these computers share information with one another .The internet has enables people all over
the world to effectively communicate with one another .They make information
available to others and find information provided others.

Telecommunications means the sending and receiving of messages over distances.It
consists of devices and systems that transmit electronic signals across long distances.The
common devices of telecommunication are telephone , radio and television.
Telecommunication enables people around the world t contact one another, to access
information instantly , and to communicate from remote areas.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Essay: Kashmir Issue

Kashmir is still an unsettled issue of the plan of the partition of the
sub-continent.According to the plan of the division of the sub-continent ,people of
different areas were allowed to join either India of Pakistan.The areas where the Muslims were
in majority became Pakistan.The 80% population of Kashmir consisted of the
Muslims.They wanted to join Pakistan.Hari singh, the ruler of Kashmir plotted
against Pakistan and signed the agreement of accession to India.India
occupied the territory unlawfully .The people of Kashmir fought against
India for their freedom and freed a part of Kashmir from India occupation.That freed
part of Kashmir is now under the control of Pakistan.The rest of Kashmir is held by
India .Pakistan and India fought two wars over this issue but the problem of Kashmir could not be deicided.

It needs the attention of the world to solve the problem of Kashmir .Though the
resolutions of UNO still exist for the solution of the problem, no solid
steps have yet been taken in this direction.The whole world is realizing the gravity of
the problem .Now when both the countries related to this problem have become the atomic
powers, the need for the solution of the problem has become the most urgent.

At present, the situation of peace in Kashmir is very bad .The Indian armed
forces are trying to crush the freedom movement of Kashmiris. They are killing
children, murdering men and insulting women .In spite of all this, the
people of Kashmir are determined to get freedom from India.Kashmir, the
paradise on earth is burning.It is waiting for someone to come to put out its
fierce flames.The following measures may be of some help towards the solution of
this problem.

Now the problem of Kashmir has become one of the important problems of the world.
The Government of Pakistan should take advantage of the situation.It should send
delegations to different countries to highlight the issue.The world should be
informed about the violation of human rights in Indian held Kashmir.The problem
should be discussed through solid arguments on every international forum .
The Muslim countries should be requested to support us in this respect.The
UNO may be asked to send its forces in Indian held Kashmir to hold a just
plebiscite .Human Right organizations should be asked to come in the valley
to observe the situation themselves.I an sure if we are earnest and
sincere ,the problem would be solved in near future.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essay:Atomic Energy and Scientific Progress

Atom is Greek word which means a thing that cannot be cut and broken.It is the smallest
particle of matter.It is no longer undivided and broken.The scientists have broken it into
further smallest particles.They are called electrons ,protons and neutrons.They release great
power and energy.It was the great scientist Einstein who began to work on theory of
producing energy from atom in 1905.He explained many things.First, he showed that matter
and energy are different forms of the same thing.In other words,matter can be converted into
energy and vice versa.Second; a small amount of matter produced a great amount of energy.
The discovery of atomic energy is one of the wonders of the modern science.

The scientists first of all used it for destructive purpose.They prepared atomic 
bombs, hydrogen and cobalt bombs which could destroy cities and towns within a twinkling
of an eye .It was in 1945 ,that a single atom bomb destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki .It killed
thousands of men and women and destroyed vast areas of land.Now all the big powers
possess much more atomic and dangerous hydrogen bombs.They can raze the world
to ground if they are clearly used.

Atomic energy can also be used for the welfare of mankind.The scientists in U.S.A ,
England, Canada and Germany are at work for peaceful use of nuclear energy.An atom for
peace conference was held at Geneva to think over the use of Nuclear Energy.The U.S.A has
already started to use this energy to propel submarines and space rockets.The Russians
have also harnessed it for space travel.At present, electricity is produced form the atomic
energy in advanced countries like U.S.A , Russia and Britain .Our scientists are also trying to
produce electricity from atomic energy.The scientists are also trying to produce electricity
form atomic energy.The scientists are also trying to find out ways of using atomic powers as
fuel in ships aeroplanes,, motor cars etc. At present atomic reactors for boiling water exist in
different countries.

Atomic energy is safely used to conquer many fatal diseases.Radium is used in the
treatment of cancer.Tadio-therapy is an important branch of medical science.It is used to
destroy the over grown cells of our body.The Isotopes of sodium, potassium , bromine and
iodine are used to known origin of disease.Thus atomic energy is fo immense help to alleviate
human sufferings.

Nuclear energy has also brought a revolution in the field of industry.Petrol and coal are
well known sources of energy and power.The supply of these two sources of power is coming
to an end.The world is in search of another source of power.It is the nuclear energy.
Electronic machines and computers are being use in our industry.They are used in the
Plastic, glass ,paper textile ,rubber and cement industry .Atomic energy is also a great help in
agriculture.The barren lands can be tiled into smiling fields with the help of computerizes
tractors and machines.Crops can be ripened within a very short time .The yield crops per
acre can also be multiplied .In this way the scientists are trying to solve the shortage of food
problems .We can say that atomic energy can be used with full advantage for the welfare of

Essay:Democracy &Dictatorship

Democracy is a popular form of Government .It is practiced successfully in
many countries of the world .In this form of Government, people elect their own rulers.In a
democratic country ,there are many political parties.They take part in election.The party,
which wins by the majority of vote, is declared successful.It is called to form the
Government.The rest of the parties are supposed to sit on the opposition benches.In
the assembly ,important issues are debated and discussed by both the ruling party as well as
the opposition party.The decision on different problems of the country is taken after much

Dictatorship is a system of Government is which one party or  one person rules the
country.The entire power rests with that party or the ruler.The party comes into power after
election.However, unlike democracy, there is not any opposition party.All the votes are cast
in favour of one party.In dictatorship no one can oppose the ruler.There are many
restrictions on the freedom of people. An individual does not enjoy any type of freedom /The
radio, the television, the newspapers and other mass media conceal facts .Their main business
is to admire and praise the ruling party .In dictatorship an individual does not enjoy
any respect.This form of Government is popular in communist countries as Russia, China and
East Germany.

in democracy there is full freedom of expressing public opinion.An individual enjoys
full freedom to think , write and express his views .The press is completely free .The policies
of the Government are debated and discussed freely in the newspaper as well as in the
Assembly Hall. In democracy, a person enjoys respect and importance.

Democracy is linked with justice .Every body has equal right in the eye of law.The
voters can choose and remove their rulers according to their own will.This form of
Government is popular and successful in America ,Britain ,India and Japan.Democracy has
failed in under developed countries. The reasons for its failure are the following:

Democracy is a difficult system of Government .Only the educated and sensible people
can understand and run it.In our country and in many other Asian countries, most of people
are uneducated and backward.They cannot understand the real spirit and structure of a
democratic system of government .Most of the people in our country are poor.At the time of
election , the voters are bribed  and tempted to give their votes in favour of
irresponsible and uneducated candidates.In this way , in democracy, the responsible and
educated candidates do not return to Assembly.

In a democratic form of government , the candidates use unfair means to win the election.
The candidates of the rival party are kidnapped .the ballot boxes are broken and
undue pressure is exercised on the officers who conduct the election.In this way ,the elections
open the gateway to corruption, bribery and selfishness.

Democracy has many merits  but it has many demerits also .It is known for its inefficiency
and slowness.At the time of national emergencies, it fails to cope with the situation.
The national issues of great importance ore debated and discussed in the assembly .It takes a
long time jto arrive at any decision.In this way , many problems of utmost importance remain
unsolved in the light of above discussion .We can say that democracy in spite of its defects is
still a popular form of Government .So it is better than dictatorship.

Essay:A Village Fair

Fairs are very common in our country .They are generally held in the honour of
some pious person.They are often held after the harvest is over.People have
leisure and  money .They can spend time as well as money to make them a success.

All sorts of people attend the fair at the shrine. The go to the fair for the sake of
merry making and enjoyment.At one place, you see a merry go round with its load of
children .At  another place ,we find the juggler showing his tricks.acrobats and rope dancers
also perform their seats in a corner.In a village fair, people get a chance to buy and sell their
goods.These fairs have a religious touch also.They also encourage trade and let the people
have a get together.I have seen many fairs in my life.The village is remarkable for its activity.
Once I happened to go to village fair .The village is situated on Lahore Faisalabad road.Its
name is Kot Mehmood .There is a spacious ground near the road side .In the middle ,there is a
tomb of a pious person.I do not know his real name but he is known as SHAH BUKHARI.
There is fair popular belief that on the day of fair ,it always rains.The fair lasts for three days.

The drummers come from far and near and beat their drums in the front of tomb .They beat 
them loud and fast .People offer FATEH at tomb.Women come to greed the dead saint.But
most of the people come to enjoy the fair.

There are sweet shops .The villagers stand around them and buy the sweets eagerly
"pakoras" are sold in large quantities .They are fresh and spicy.Mangoes and water melons are also

There are peep shows and cinemas .It is at night that villagers go to see the
cinema show .There is a snake charmer who show different feats to the people .He has a lot
of snakes.He catches hold of the snake in his hand and show it freely to the people .The
people are greatly amused at the different movements of the snake.

The villagers take a part in many games .They arrange matches of wrestling and kabaddi.
The wrestling matches are often exciting and thrilling.Some village singers also collect a
large gathering of people.There is also found the presence of policemen.They try to maintain
the law and order in the fair.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Essay:Mobile Telephone

There is an age of science and technology .The recent development in the field of
technology has  given birth to many 'wonders in our life .The progress in the field of
communication has surprised everybody. The mobile telephone is a wonderful invention of
science .It looks incredible that a man should talk or converse with another man while he is
traveling or he is on his way to work. Such a thing was impossible few days ago. The mobile
telephones have become very popular in the modern life. They have become friend and
companion to every man and woman .In the modern age ,it is a professional necessity.
Even in private life ,it has established its utility .Now people can not do away with them.

1)  Firstly, they are the most rapid and quickest means of communication. We are
connected with another man all the time without losing a second .They have increase
our volume of business and trade. The money exchangers of different countries can
promote their business through mobile phones. The rates of different currencies in all
countries are communicated to the customer rapidly .The flow of money from one
country to other is made smooth and easy through this instrument .In this way ,many
business failures are avoided.

2)  Secondly, The mobile phones have helped the travelers, explorers ,hunters and
passengers a lot. Now the hunters and travelers of all kind may explore any place
of value or interest.They may explore the inner depths of a cave of the heights of a
mountain .They may be lost in a desert. They may be caught in a wind storm .In any
time of  crisis and difficulty they can make contact with their friends or with the
government agencies and seek help from them .They can look for emergency help or
rescue operation by the parties with the help of mobile phones.

3) Thirdly,  The mobile phones may save us from the attack of criminals or terrorists if we
use them wisely and intelligently ,we can contact the police before we are attacked.
Many cases have been reported where the mobile telephone has saved the life of a car
traveler. The intending attacker of hijacker can be easily handled through mobile
telephone .That is why, the guards at important buildings gave been provided with
mobile telephone sets

The mobile telephone is a great friend and companion of a criminal or  a terrorist .The
criminals and terrorist make use of this device to make contact.They plan or make a plot to
attack a building ,hijack a person or commit a robbery in a bank through the telephone.
This is a safe device for them .Many outlaws and hardened criminals escaped from the prison
homes with the aid of this instrument.

It has shattered the nervous system of many of its users.Its frequent users suffer from
nervous ailments .It affects our memory .

It has discouraged true learning.Now the students waste a lot of their time on mobile
telephones than on their books.Its excessive use results in the loss of time and money. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Essay: Why I Love Pakistan

Pakistan is my mother land.I was born and brought up in this country .Patriotism is a
natural feeling.Man cannot help loving the native place where he saw the light.I love
Pakistan because its soil has gone into my bones and my being.My flesh and blood
are the product of this piece of earth.I eat its food , drink  its water and breathe its air.So
loving Pakistan is in fact loves myself.I have become used to its climate,its vegetables and
fruits which cannot be available any where else.

I love Pakistan because of my family members, relatives and friends who reside in this
country .These persons are a part of my life ,and I cannot think of living without them.They
share my joys and sorrows , and have made my life charming and enjoyable .Indeed ,it is for
the happiness and welfare of my  parents and brothers and sisters that I am living .Of I am given
an option of getting double span of life in the next century in exchange for the present
period .I would not agree because it would be without the dear faces of my friends and
relatives to see.

I live Pakistan because it is not merely a piece of land to me but a symbol of every
thing that I cherish .The type of social life found in the country, its customs ,Traditions and
moral values have gone deep into my outlook of life .I an a Muslim by birth, and it is only in
Pakistan that can get the spiritual pleasure of praying in a mosque along with my other
Muslims brethren.How can I enjoy life in a society where adulteration is not considered a sin?
How can I be happy in country where I cannot talk to the people in my mother-tongue, or
cannot hear punjabi and urdu songs?The cultural life in Pakistan has gone deep into my
blood, and it makes this country very dear to me.

Pakistan is dear to me also for the sacrifices made by our ancestors to win this
homeland .This is the land where Muhammad Bin Qasim brought the torch of Islam, and
where the great Mughals ruled for centuries .We has to struggle hard to liberate it from the
clutches of the English imperialists and prejudiced is this country where we are
trying to establish a truly Islamic system of life .Our brave soldiers like Major Aziz Bhatti
shed their blood to protect this land from the evil designs of the aggressors
Every handful of its dust is mixed with the blood of these martyrs; the bones of our
illustrious ancestors are buried in this country and make this land sacred to us .

I love Pakistan also because of its interest in my well-being .it is only in Pakistan that I
enjoy full security of life , property and honour .I  can buy here any kind of property ,establish
any kind of business or join any government is only in Pakistan that I enjoy the
right to vote and can stand as  a service .It is only in Pakistan that I enjoy the right to vote and
can stand as a candidate for any office ,even of the president of Pakistan.The rights and
liberties available to me in this country cannot be guaranteed by any other government under
the sun .I love Pakistan with my heart and soul ,and am  ever ready to make  the greatest
sacrifice for its survival and progress.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Essay: Science In The Service Of Society

Science is the most valuable field of human knowledge.It has greatly helped man in his
practical life.It has made life very comfortable and enjoyable.All the progress that man has
made is due to science .It has made him the crown of creation in the real sense .Man is no
longer at the mercy of Nature .He is hot afraid of the wild animals and sudden changes in
weather .Science has helped man to explore the hidden treasures earth,the depths of j
the sea and the heights of mountains.Man can fly like birds and has successfully landed on
the moon.Man has explored all the hidden treasures of the earth such as coal ,oil, minerals,
etc.He is now in search of new world of stars and the Mars.

The knowledge of science has greatly helped man in his fight  against disease, poverty
and ignorance.It has provided him wonderful medicines to control the diseases which were
fatal once upon  a time .Science has also provided the doctor wonderful medical test and
instruments to diagnose the defects of human machinery .Surgery has advanced so much that
eyes, kidneys and heart of one body can be transplanted into another.In case of accidents ,we
can have artificial limbs of plastic to live a normal life.

Scientists have invented machines to increase the production of things of daily use.They
have also thought us new methods of storing and preserving the perishable
commodities like meat, eggs, fruit ,vegetables ,etc. These things now can be available out of
season and out of place.The days of famine and scarcity have come to an end forever.The
invention of wheel has brought about a revolution in the field of transport and travel .Man has
railways cars ships and aeroplanes to travel on the surface of the earth,the sea and the sky.

He can travel more comfortably and at much higher speed .The distance which was covered in
months and years can now be covered in days and hours.The wonderful inventions of
telephone ,telegraph ,television,and radio have further destroyed the barriers of time and
distance between persons and nations .They are co-operating with one another in field of
trade, industry and research .The invention of the printing press has greatly helped.The days
of kings ,barons and cruel rulers have come to an  end.We are living in the age of
enlightenment democracy and social justice.Electricity is ,perhaps ,the most important
invention of science.It is being used as source of light,heat and power .As s source of power ,
it is behind the movement of every kind of wheel in the field of agriculture, industry and
transportation.With the help of electric power ,man has succeeded in demolishing mountains,
changing the source of rivers, turning deserts into smiling fields ,etc.air-conditioners and
refrigerators have turned this world into paradise.The discovery of atomic energy has brought
about a revolution in human civilization .It is being used for  the production of electric power,
curing of certain diseases like cancer and the improvement of the quality as will as quantity of
agricultural products .In short ,mankind is highly indebted to the scientists for their wonderful

Essay:A Road Accident

Road accidents have become common affair of modern life .Every day the newspaper is
full of horrible news about the accident taking place in different parts of the country.
These accidents are the ugly aspect of the scientific progress. Science has given us wonderful
means of transport which have made traveling comfortable and speedy. But accidents take
place daily on the surface earth, the sea and the sky. Many valuable humans' lives are lost
And precious machinery is destroyed.These accidents have made human life quite
unsafe and uncertain. They are the result of rash driving and ignoring the rules of

Last month, I happened to witness a very tragic road accident. I was going to my college
on my bicycle in the morning .When i reached close to the college .I saw a big crowd of
people on the road .i came to know fearful accident and just taken place between a cat and a
Tonga. The horse of the Tonga driver was inexperienced and uncontrollable .It was going on
the wrong side on the road .A car was coming at high speed from the opposite direction.The
car driver blew the horn again and again.The tonga driver strived  hard to put his
horse on the right side, but failed.The car driver applied brakes at the last moment.But the
car slipped and struck direct in to the tonga.The horse was killed on the spot.His dead body
was lying on the road,surrounded by pool of blood that had flown out of his body .The tonga
was badly broken.The passengers had a miraculous escape.Some of them received minor
injuries.But the tonga driver himself was seriously injured .He was lying unconscious on the
road .People were trying to bring him to senses by putting water in to his mouth.It was a very
pathetic scene.I could not help feeling for the poor fellow who had been completely
ruined .His horse had been killed and his tonga had been broken irreparably .His
own life was hanging in the balance.

On the other hand ,the car driver received minor injuries on his face.But the head lights
and the wind screen of his car were badly broken.To police men reached the spot and
prepared the report.They were very anxious to safe the life of the tonga driver.He was put in
to the same car by the police men and was rushed to the hospital.

I came to the college, but could not attend the lecture with full attention.I was
constantly thinking of the poor tonga driver and his misfortune.When I was returning home ,I
was shocked to learn that the poor tonga driver had demised soon after reaching the hospital.I
felt great pith for the poor fellow because he had left behind a widow and five small
children.The horrible scene of this tragic accident has left indelible impression on my mind.
My hair stand on end whenever I recollect it.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Essay:Life In A Big City

Life in a big city has its own advantages and disadvantages.I realized this thing when I
happened to visit Karachi last month.Life in a big city has a number of facilities which cannot
be available to those living in small towns and villages .A big city is usually the center of
trade and industry .There are offices of big business firms and of various government
departments.So people can get varied chances of employment and business and better
opportunities of progress.They can travel by air ,train or bus to any other city within the
country or to any other country of the world.They enjoy the facilities of telephone ,talex and
newspaper to keep themselves well-informed about the fast changing world of business and
politics.They can see and meet an important foreign dignitary visiting their country.
If they feel tires of bored by  the daily business.They can go to recreate themselves in some
cinema music hall, exhibition ,club,park or playground of their choice.If they fall ill,they can
get admission in the best hospitals and avail themselves of the services of the most
experienced and expert doctors.

They can send their children to the best educational institutions and training centers available
in the country .They can easily approach any high authority of the country, including
the President and the Prime Ministry.The cultural environment of a big city goes a useful for
the country and the nation.The city people keep themselves abreast of the new fashions
and healthy developments in dress, furniture and other household amenities of life.They
enjoy in the real sense and live in an elegant style .It is a glamorous and enviable life in all

Life in a big city has its ugly aspects also.The ever increasing population of big
cities creates  many problems of huge dimension.Most of the people have to live in
slums or small flats of many storied buildings .They remain deprived of fresh
ail,open sunshine and green view for ever.Humanity seems to stagnating in these dark and
narrow holes,without ever having seen the sun setting or rising.Nothing pure and fresh can
be available for eating of drinking .Even the air and water in big cities are polluted.The noise
made by the heavy traffic and the smoke and dust raised by it make the life of people really

Those living in houses close to the problem of over crowding everywhere on the roads, in
the streets and shops, class-room ,hospitals, buses , etc. The traffic is so heavy and fast that it
is no less than an ordeal to cross a road or reach  home safe.

The prices of the things of daily use,especially of meat, milk ,fruit ,vegetables ,flour etc.
are three or four times higher than in rural areas.Due to the increased cost of living, people
have to work day and night to maintain a reasonable standard of living.They remain hurries
and worried all the time .They remain  deprived of the leisure and peace
of mind enjoyed by the people living in villages.

There is a strange kind of loneliness in big cities, because people are strangers even
to their next door neighbour.This sense of social isolation is badly felt in time of
death and distress.There is no one to share your joys and sorrow s as in village
society.The road accidents and explosions that take place daily in big cities,have made
 human life most insecure and uncertain.It is quite possible that a person may leave his house
quite hale and hearty in the morning ,going to his shop or office,but his dead body may reach
home after an hour.In short ,life in a big city is not as enviable as it appears to be.In the end
of life is peace of mind and real happiness, it is not to be found in big cities.

Essay: Life In Pakistani Village

Pakistan is an agricultural country.About seventy percent of its population depends upon
agriculture directly or indirectly.All these people are living in villages.The village life in our country has its own blessings and problems.we can easily compae it with the city life.

The life in our villages is very simple ,peaceful and natural.The villagers are the children of nature.They are simple ,sincere and frank.They have no artificiality and no hypocrisy.Their joys and sorrows are very simple and their needs of life are also limited .They have no high ambitions of life and lead a contented life.They enjoy real peace of mind because they are free from the unnecessary worries and responsibilities of life .Therefore ,they can enjoy sound sleep unlike the people living in cities.

Life in a village is also very peaceful .It is free from the dust and noise of traffic as will as the smoke and dirt produced by the factories .The villagers can enjoy fresh air,open sunshine and the beautiful scenes of nature like the green fields, tall hills, murmuring streams ,chirping birds, etc. there is no fear of adulteration as faced be the people living in cities.The flour, milk, gee, vegetables, fruit and other things of daily use can be available  pure , fresh and cheap.Therefore ,the villagers enjoy better health and look more vigorous than the city people.

Life in a village is very enjoyable ,because of the live and brotherhood in the
people of a village.They know one another personally and like to share the joys and sorrows of the others.There is a leader of the village whom everybody obeys willingly.If there is  a marriage or a funeral in any one house the whole village takes part it it .Therefore ,the village people do not feel lonely in items of distress as in big cities where the next-door neighbour  do not know each other.The village enough spare time to sit with one  another and to gossip over a round of "hibbble-bubble ".

The village people have a few but very healthy recreations .They love to play games like
Kabaddi, Football,Volleyball,etc. Hunting ,horse racing ,and tent-pegging are popular
sports in villages.They are free from the unhealthy and immoral social activities found in big cities .There is a good family life ,in which the children have great love and regard for their elders .There is a religious leader in every village who also acts as a physician.Everybody comes to seek shi advice and acts upon it.The fairs, the festivals and harvesting  create great excitement in the life of the villagers.

However, village life in Pakistan is not without draw-backs.Most of the villages are far
away from the cities and markets.They are not linked with cities by roads and railway lines.There are no facilities of transport ,electricity ,hospital and telephone.Many of the villages in our country are still without any school for boys and girls.Therefore a vast majority of the people remain uneducated,backward and poor .They fight and quarrel over ordinary matters of life.Sometimes these quarrels result in murders and enmity which continues from generation to generation.They waste their hard-earned money on law-suits and litigation.There is also un-employment in the villages  because the educated people
cannot get any job or chances of progress like  the people living cities.

The Government of Pakistan have been ignoring the people in village for a long time .We
cannot become an advanced country by keeping our villagers poor and backward .It is the duty of the government to improve the conditions of life in villages.The farmer is the most useful member of our society; and we should try to improve his lot.It is the duty of government to provide electricity, road , health centers ,schools ,and training centers in villages.All the industries based on agricultural produce like sugar, cloth, cotton and oil mills should be set up in villages to provide easy loans to the farmers .In this way there will be a revolution in the life of the farming community.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Essay: My Hobbies

You all like to have some hobbies ,and so do I .When I am tired of my routine
work at college, I turn to walking and photography.You may not see eye to eye with me in the choice of my hobbies .But why should you? I believe walking is as good as playing cricket,or any game of skill with a pack of cards.Personally I Do not like playing cricket.I wonder why people spoil good turf by hitting at an innocent ball.Hitting at a ball is no hobby;just as hitting a dog is no hobby.I think you see my point.
Think you for that.

I have a passion for walking .Even I was a small chit of a boy ,I was as much
fond of it as words worth was fond of liking at a daffodil or at a 'Solitary Reaper'. One
day I played a truant from the class to enjoy a ling walk in the open fields.when
came back in the evening ,I was so proud of my achievement that I told it to my elder brother.He gave it out.
my hobbies
My Hobby Walking
The result was disastrous .My father gave me a sound beating .Will, it was so
like a father.This didn't improve my habits.I kept the joys of walking only to myself and
never allowed my elder brother to let me down in future.

I am an inveterate walker.When I am free ,I go out for a ling walk.I just let
myself go ,listening  to the warbling birds and sucking out cheerfulness from
them .I leave behind the dirty ,noisy classroom and dusty thoroughfares.I like to go by
myself ;nature is company enough for me .

Like Hazlitt, I cannot see the wit of walking and talking at the same time .If you allow a friend to accompany you,he will talk of films,fines and football fixtures.Such things spoil the pure joy of a walk.

There are some people who take a walk for the sake of health.They call it a
"constitutional" walk.I hate such people .They reduce walking to the status of a health
giving medicine.I walk because I must walk.If I am ill ,I never go out for a walk,because my body is not disposed to accompany my mind .Only  a very fit man can enjoy a ling walk.It invigorates the body and refreshes the mind .One seems to drink life at every pore.

I hate physical exercise in any form and ,if somebody assures me that
walking is only an improved form of physical exertion,I will gibe it up straightaway.I
walk because it opens up new vistas of life  before me ,which remain lamentably closed in
play grounds and grassy lawns.O ! for the joy of mere walking; leaping from rock to

Now I come to my second hobby: photography.I do not exactly know how I came to love
it.Even now my interest in ti is very lukewarm.I began with a Baby Brownie, which was
presented to me by my cousin on my sixteenth birthday.He was the first to be shot with his
own gift.The result was horrible .Every one of us was ashamed of it.He looked so ghastly in the picture.
My hobbies
My hobby Photography
Now photography became my passion.I went with my camera slung from my
shoulders looking for suitable faces.Some of my best pictures belong to that period.They are pictures of hill, revers,trees,men and women.

Photography has many advantages.Things are always young.What is refreshingly young
today may be insufferably old tomorrow .Even the glorious hues of nature are short-lived .
Besides,there are other unique moments in life which we like to preserve.Photography
enables us to preserve these cherished moments.Some of the pictures which appear so trivial today will assume a new life when we shall look at them after years .I wish I could have a beautiful camera and a cargo of films! I would become a vagrant photographer and 'shoot' every beautiful face.
                  There are my hobbies .I believe you like them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Essay:The Choice of A Career

A hundred years back no one worried about the choice of a career.The son of a
carpenter became a carpenter; an oilman would train his son in his own craft,and a
business-man would leave behind his business to his son.In this way the world went on
smoothly and very few persons were troubled by the question of the choice of a
who though about a career was called a "careerist".But the world in which we are living
today is very different.Everybody worries about the career he is going to follow .Even
uneducated parents are constantly worrying about the careers of their children.
The Choice of Career
The Choice of Career
Our career is determined by number of factors.Some children follow the career chosen
by their parents others carve a career for themselves.In many cases personal likes and dislikes go a ling way in the choice of career.Children born in the house of a commercial magnate naturally take to business.The business is already established,therefore it requires a little effort to settle down to a life of secure earning .The son of Henry Ford inherited the business of his father.He had not to trouble about the choice of a career .The successors of H.O. Wills were born to career for themselves.They have to work hard and fight against heavy odds.All great men of the world are made of this stuff.Take the case of Stalin or Bernard Shaw. Stalin. was the son of a poor cobbler ,yet he became one of the greatest men of our age.Shaw began his career in poverty.But by constant labour he made a name for himself.Such men are geniuses and a genius will always chalk out a career for itself.

Personal likes and dislikes, as I have said ,are some times the deciding actor in the
choice of one's profession.A person with poetic leanings would always like to be poor poet
rather be a successful druggist or an efficient civil servant The life of a successful druggist of a civil servant may be easy but it will crush his soul and the poet in him will be killed.Children with adventurous nature will be a great success in an independent profession,such as Law of Medicine .All great industrialists,who rise from poverty to power  ,are born with this impulse.
The Choice of Career
The Choice of Career
A child who lacks courage and confidence should never enter a profession which calls for
constant effort .Such a child  should always follow secure career like teaching and civil
service .He will earn monthly salary ,regular annual increments and when he retries his
pension will be fixed by the Accountant -General's office.This man will have an easy and
secure life like the bird in a cage,but beyond that he will have nothing.

In Pakistan every young man aspires to be a P.C.S. or C.S.P. officer .It seems our
young men have lost the spirit of adventure .They want a secure job with an easy living and no risk .It is time that more of our young men should enter independent career where they can find sufficient scope for their initiative .Above all,they should remember  that no profession is dignified in itself unless we bring dignity toil .It is not the career that counts but courage that we bring to it:
"When you've work to do ,boys,
Do it with a will.
They who would reach the top,boys
First must climb the hill."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Essay:A Visit to Hospital

Health is indeed,the greatest wealth of man.If health is lost,all other possessions
and facilities of life lose their charm for us.The diseased leave their homes,children and
interests of life and have to lie in hospitals at the mercy of doctors and nurses.A hospital
is ,indeed, a place of pain ,misery and helplessness.Nobady likes to visit a hospital for fun
and enjoyment.The noble medical men who remain busy in relieving people of their pain and
distress,deserve our highest regards and deepest gratitude.
A Visit to Hospital
I realized this thing during my visit to the District Hospital last month.My uncle had
been admitted there for a kidney operation ,and I went to enquire after his well-being .When I
was walking through the corridors of the hospital,I saw huge crowds of patients waiting for
their turns outside the doors of the doctor's room.Some of them were standing in the X-Ray
room,while the others were getting their blood ,urine of stool checked in the laboratories.I
was deeply moved to see patients in serious condition ,being taken from one place to the other
on strechers and wheel-chairs .I realized that day how weak and helpless man feels before the
will of God.

I had to go the surgical ward at the upper storey.The watchman at the entrance gate
did not let the Visitors in ,because the Medical superintendent was on his routine visit.After
waiting for  half an hour,we were permitted to come in.The general ward was a big hall
having forty beds in two rows with sufficient space between them .Each bed was provided
with a cupboard and a wooden bench.All the beds were covered with clean white bed-sheets
and red blankets.The doctors laid great stress upon cleanliness and peace in the hospital.In
order to avoid disturbance to the patients,the visitors were not allowed to come crowding of
stay for longer hours.There was a chart attached to each bed, describing the disease of the
patients and the treatment given from time to time.I saw junior doctor and nurses attending to
different patients and giving them injections and daily doses of medicines .Most of these
medicines were purchased by the patients from the bazaar.The hospital administration
provided meals to the admitted patients,though they could also make their private
A Visit to Hospital 
I saw a variety of patients suffering from different ailments.There was a small boy
whose leg had been fractured in a road accident.He was lying on the bed with his bandaged
leg tied to a support.There was another patient who had some throat trouble and could not
swallow diet through the mouth.He was provided diet through a tube that had been
passed into his stomach.There was still another who had developed stones in his urinary
bladder.The doctors had made arrangements for the discharge of his urine through a tube.
Some of the patients had been cured and were waiting to be discharge.They passed their
time by reading book and newspapers .In short, the hospital looked like a little world in itself.
I returned home with a deep sense of thankfulness to God that my body was functioning
normally and I was enjoying good health.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Essay: My Favourite Teacher

I am a college student ,and I have been receiving education from a number of teachers at
school as well as college: I have great respect for all of them and feel highly obliged to them
equally.All of them have contributed in their own way to my mental and moral development.
But the college teacher who has impressed me most of all is our English teacher.He is in fact
an ideal teacher and commands the admiration of almost all the students of all the classes
allotted to him.He is popular in the whole college and the students feel eager of getting his
section.I and many other students make it a point not to miss his lecture in any case.He
seems to be a born teacher who derives pleasure in teaching, and makes his lectures
pleasurable and inspiring for the students.The name of my favourite teacher is Mr.Shaukat Ali
and he is a senior member of English department.He is a smart-looking,well dressed gentleman
of more than forty years in age, with a sweet and impressive personality.
My Favourite Teacher
My Favourite Teacher
The most remarkable quality of my favourite teacher is the great command that he has
over his subject.English is considered a difficult subject by a majority of students .Most of
them fail in English because they cannot properly follow the lecture of their teacher .It goes to
the credit of Mr.Shaukat that he speaks in easily understandable English and makes
everything perfectly clear.He always starts a new lesson with brief introduction which
makes it easy to ,understand the reading of text.During the lecture whenever be feels that the
students have failed to understand his point, be explains it in Urdu.At the end of the
discussion ,he tells his students what kind of questions can be set in the examination on that
lesson.During the discussion of text,he asks questions from the students and invites their
opinion.This keeps them attentive and interested throughout,That is why the examination
results of his classes have always been exemplary.

Mr.Shaukat is liked by me and many other students for his moralizing attitude in the
class.He never misses a chance of tendering a valuable piece of advice to his students about
their duties as good citizens and true Muslims.He is am man of literary taste ,religious outlook
of life and a good awareness of current affairs .He often refers to the Holy Quran,the Hadith
and the poetry of Dr.Iqbal to illustrate his point of view.This makes his lectures very
enjoyable .He believes that teaching of his character and the widening of his mental horizon.His
lecture open new window in the minds of students and make them better aware of social
problems ,and moral values.
My Favourite Teacher
My Favourite Teacher
fAnother cause of my favourite teacher's popularity is that be is a man of enviable
disposition and good character.He always enters the class with cheerful ,smiling face .He tries
to be friendly and frank with his students and tries to inspire in them a new confidence and a
heal their outlook of life.Many of them go to him to discuss their private problems and
difficulties.He is a witty person who entertains his students with good
humorous remarks.We have never found him rebuking or
discouraging weak students or injuring their feelings of self-respect.He wins the hearts of
students by his accommodative and patronizing attitude.His students not only respect him but
also love him from the core of their hearts.Mr. Shaukat ,is fact an ideal teacher and a truly
respectable person for his students.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Essay: The Pleasure of College Life

College life is, no doubt, the golden period of a student's life .The knowledge gained, the
opportunities availed and the friendship made during the stay at college go a long, way in
determining the future life and career of a young man.You will often find grown-up people
mentioning the memories of their college days with great pleasure ,pride or regret .College life
ushers in a completely new stage in the educational career of a young student.As compared
with school life,it is a life of liberty,self-respect and confidence .The college students gets
freedom from the rod of the school teacher and his authoritative attitude.He feels happy to
find his college teachers quite friendly and persuasive.His feelings of self-respect ate properly
recognized and he is encouraged to depend upon himself.For the first time in his life,he feels
his own importance at home as well as at college ,and his opinions and decisions are given
due weight.He is no longer regarded a child who must be forced to do certain things
considered useful for him.He may attend the class or stay away for a day,there is no fear of
physical punishment of degrading treatment at the bands of his teacher.

College life is also pleasurable for providing a large company of like minded young men
of the same age and of similar interests.You can have the acquaintance of a large number of
college fellows,belonging to different families,having different temperaments,qualities,
habits,manners,etc.You are free to make new friends, and to learn and adopt what is
good in others.

That is why a student becomes more polished after entering the college so that his dress
and manners improve remarkable.His timidity shyness disappear,and he starts asserting
himself.Such healthy influences on the mind of a young man prove decisive in
moulding his future career and outlook of life.

He is learning all the time ,not only from books but also from his teachers and
fellow -students .If he happens to stay-at college hostel,then this process of self education
becomes more wide and deep.

College life has innumerable pleasures and facilities in the form of games,sports and
many other extra-curricular activities.These things have great value in the training of a
student's character and the development of his natural qualities of head and heart.There is a
big library having a large variety of books on different fields of knowledge.The student can
enrich his mind by borrowing books of his taste from the college library.Then there are af
number of societies of various subjects,which arrange regular meeting ,functions and
educational trips to promote the knowledge of students and to create new areas of awareness
in them.He is free to take part in any indoor or outdoor game if he has time to play in the
evening.The college has a dramatic club,a debating society,a photographic society,etc .To
promote his different inborn talents.He can become the Editor of college Magazine and
can contribute various kinds of articles,poems ,humorous essays short stories,etc.

Every college has a students union which holds election to its various offices every year.
It serves as a platform for the political training of the students,and to produce in them the
qualities of leadership.

In short,college life is full of pleasures,facilities ,possibilities and opportunities of
progress which cannot be available to a young man in his life when he enters practical
life.But all these things are of value to those who are willing to participate and benefit instead
of hesitating and staying away and aloof.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Essay: A Prize Distribution Function at Our College

Sports and functions have their own importance in the life of educational institutes.The
Annual Sports of our college has always been a colourful function.This time it was held on
the 20th of March.invitation cards had been insued to a large number of dignitaries of
the city.The Director of Education had agreed to preside over the concluding session to the j
function and to distribute the prizes.A beautiful "shamiana" was pitched on one side of the
college sports track.Good seating arrangement was made for the honourable guests and the
members of the teaching stall.The track was lined with white lime,while little flags of
various colours were fixed all around it .The dais was covered with a beautiful rug.An
unusually large number of students had turned up and were crowding round the track to
buck up the competitors.It was a pleasant evening as a cool and refreshing breez was
blowing.The sportsmen were busy in warming themselves up.There were a few minutes for
the chief guest to arrive .The spectators were being entertained with sweet film songs.

One of the professors was sitting at the mike ,who interrupted the music off and on to
announce the arrival of some noteworthy guest.At last the arrival of the chief guest was
announced ;He was received at the gate by the Principal of the college and some members of
the teaching staff.

He walked to his seat on the dais,with a garland round his neck and loud clapping all
round.The proceedings of the function started with a recitation from the Holy Quran.First of
all there was hte hundred yards race .The competitors were asked to reach the starting line,
while the time keepers and judges stood at the finishing line.Then followed the great
three-mile race.The most amusing of these was the three legged race and the sack race which
made people laugh loudly.Then came the turn of the tug of war between the Professors of
Arts and Science subjects.It kept the spectators spell-bound for half an hour.The last but the
most amusing item was the musical chairs race among the members of the teaching staff.

Finally,the Principal read out the annual report of the college,pointing out the
remarkable achievements of students in the academic as well as extra-curricular fields .The
listeners clapped their hands to learn about the making of new records in sports or the
breaking of old ones.The Chief guest was thanked for gracing the function with his presence,
and was requested to distribute prizes among the winning athletes.Mr.Irfan Aslam of the
fourth year class was declared the best college athlete for the year.In the
end,the Director of Education made a short but impressive speech.He congratulated the
winners and tried to encourage those who competed bravely but lost.He also highlighted the
importance of gamed and sports in the building of the character of the young generation.The
Principal announced that the college would remain closed the next day as a mark of honour to
the chief guest.

Before dispersing the National Anthem was sung.The students went home,while the
athletes and guests were led to the college hall for tea.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Essay:Our National Hero or My Favourite Leader

Every nation has got its own heroes .They are men of exceptional qualities sand strength
of character.They perform wonderful achievements which benefit the whole nation and the
whole mankind.A National hero may be a brave soldier, a great poet, a scientist of a

Our most important national hero is the Quaid-i- Azam.I like him very much ,because he
has greatly impressed me by his honesty ,intelligence and hark struggle.He is the great man
who won Pakistan for us and is called its founder .We are highly obliged to him because he
saved us from the slavery of the Hindus.His real mane was Muhammad Ali Jinnah.He was
born to a business man of Karachi.He was very intelligent, serious, and responsible person
from the very beginning of his life .After completing his education in the country,he
proceeded to England for higher education in Law.After returning home ,he
started his practice as a lawyer at Bombay .At the same time he began to take interest in the political
affairs.It was the time of Freedom Movement against the British Rule over India .In the
beginning,Quaid-i-Azam joinde the Indian National Congress and worked for Hindu Muslims
Unity.But soon he realized that the Hindus were prejudiced against the Muslims and
were not prepared to give them their basic rights.He felt that the Hindus and Muslims could
never live together peacefully in the same country .He was so wise politically that
he believed that freedom of India would be meaning less for the Muslims because they
would get Hindu rulers in place of the English rulers.

Therefore Quaid-i-Azam left Indian Congress and joined Indian Muslim League.All
the Muslims leaders like Dr.Iqbat ,Liaqat Ali ,Maulana Shaukat Ali and others supported him
and made him their leader.He was superior to all of them in political sagacity and strength of
character.He struggled hard and worked day and night to get a separate country for the Indian
Muslims.He had to face the united opposition of the Hindus,the British leaders and some of j
the Muslim scholars.His enemies tried their best to purchase him and to put him to death ,but
they could mot succeed .He was an old man suffering from a dangerous disease which was
making him weak day by day .The doctors advised him again and again to take complete res,
but he did not care for his own life for the sake of the fulfillment of his mission of life.

At last he succeeded in achieving Pakistan on fourteenth August, 1947.It was no less
than a miracle to get such a biggest Islamic country of the world without fighting any
battle and without having any army.Unfortunately Quaid-i-Azam could not live longer to
guide his nation and to strengthen his new found state.After one year of independence ,he
died on 11th of September 1948.He was buried in Karachi.But in reality,he lives in the
hearts of all the Pakistanis.So long as this country exists on the map of the world ,the
generation of Muslims will to on paying homage to this great man .Actually ,he was a
martyr who sacrificed his own life to give political independence to the Muslims of
India and their children.Great men like him are rarely born in history.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Essay: My Favourite Poet or Allama Muhammad Iqbal

poetry is the art of expressing one's feelings and ideas in an impressive manner.It
provides us pleasures besides improving our awareness of life.The poet is a man of deep
insight and sensitive mature.He can make us see and feel in a wonderful new way .I am also
fond of reading poetry ,especially urdu and punjabi poetry .Allama Muhammad Iqbal is
my favourite poet.He is undoubtedly the greatest Muslim poet this century.His poetry is
read and appreciated not only in Pakistan and India but also in Iran and many European
countries.His books have been translated into English,German and many other languages of
the world.He was not only a poet but also a great thinker.In fact, he adopted poetry as a
means of conveying his ideas.That is why he called a philosopher poet.Unlike other
urdu poets he is not concerned with love and female beauty.He gets poetic inspiration from
his beautiful ideas.That is why he called a philosopher poet.Unlike other
Urdu poets he is not concerned with love and female beauty.He gets poetic inspiration from
his beautiful ideas.Islam and Muslims civilization form the central theme of his poetry.He is
deeply convinced that Islam is the best system of life that can make the Muslims glorious once
again.he is pained to know that the Muslims have sunk into degradation by giving up their
own golden principles and traditions and by blindly imitation the Western civilization.In his
poems,Dr Iqbal exhorts the Muslims to come back to the fold of Islam and to
regain their lost prestige.I like his poetry which gives us the message of hope and
struggle of life .His concept of "Khudi" is appreciated by the scholars all over the world.

A number of factors contributed their part in shaping the out look of Dr. Iqbal and
developing his poetic genius.He was born at Sialkot in a Kashmiri family in 1877.His father
Sheikh Nur Muhammad was a mystic from whom Iqbal inherited his deep love of religion.
When he was a student at Murray College,Sialkot,he had the good fortune of getting the
guidance of a capable teacher like Syed Mir. Hassan.He created in Iqbal a genuine love for
Arabic,Persian and Islamiat.When he came to Government College Lahore for higher
Education,he got the tutorship of Dr.Arnold who inspired in him a love of philosophy.He got
his Master's Degree in Philosophy in 1899 and worked as a Professor of Philosophy for some
In 1905 ,he proceeded to Europe for higher studies in Philosophy and Law .He obtained
his Ph.D in philosophy from Germany and his degree of Bar-at-Law in 1908.On his return
to India,Dr.Iqbal started his legal practice but gave it up soon.His real interest lay in poetry
and the plight of India Muslims.He started writing poems in Urdu as well as
Persian .His poetic faculty blossomed forth and he produced such memorable works as
Band-i-Dara,,Bal-i-Gibril,Zaboor-e'Ajam,Zarb-v-Kaleem,Asrar-i-Khudi and
payame-Mashriq.All of them are recognized as world classics.He won great fame and honour
in his life time .Prominent persons from all walks of life came to him to seek guidance and to
gel his valuable opinion.

Dr.Iqbal's stay at Europe proved to be of immense importance in influencing his mind.
He became aware of the current political and philosophical development in the world .He also
developed his hatred for nationalism,materialism and imperialism.All these thoughts colour
his poetry.Dr.Iqbal also proved to be the originator of the idea of Pakistan.It was he who for
the first time put forward the demand for a separate Muslim State within India in his famous
presidential address at the Allah Abad session of the All India Muslim League.Unfortunately
he could not live to seq the emergence of Pakistan.He died in 1938 nine years before the
creation of Pakistan.So he is remembered and honoured not only as a great poet but also as
the founder of Pakistan Ideology .Many of his verses contain deep wisdom and have become

Every teacher ,speaker and scholar in our country loves to quote Dr.Iqbal.He is a
favourite poet of almost all the students in Pakistan.