Thursday, March 27, 2014

Essay: My Hobbies

You all like to have some hobbies ,and so do I .When I am tired of my routine
work at college, I turn to walking and photography.You may not see eye to eye with me in the choice of my hobbies .But why should you? I believe walking is as good as playing cricket,or any game of skill with a pack of cards.Personally I Do not like playing cricket.I wonder why people spoil good turf by hitting at an innocent ball.Hitting at a ball is no hobby;just as hitting a dog is no hobby.I think you see my point.
Think you for that.

I have a passion for walking .Even I was a small chit of a boy ,I was as much
fond of it as words worth was fond of liking at a daffodil or at a 'Solitary Reaper'. One
day I played a truant from the class to enjoy a ling walk in the open fields.when
came back in the evening ,I was so proud of my achievement that I told it to my elder brother.He gave it out.
my hobbies
My Hobby Walking
The result was disastrous .My father gave me a sound beating .Will, it was so
like a father.This didn't improve my habits.I kept the joys of walking only to myself and
never allowed my elder brother to let me down in future.

I am an inveterate walker.When I am free ,I go out for a ling walk.I just let
myself go ,listening  to the warbling birds and sucking out cheerfulness from
them .I leave behind the dirty ,noisy classroom and dusty thoroughfares.I like to go by
myself ;nature is company enough for me .

Like Hazlitt, I cannot see the wit of walking and talking at the same time .If you allow a friend to accompany you,he will talk of films,fines and football fixtures.Such things spoil the pure joy of a walk.

There are some people who take a walk for the sake of health.They call it a
"constitutional" walk.I hate such people .They reduce walking to the status of a health
giving medicine.I walk because I must walk.If I am ill ,I never go out for a walk,because my body is not disposed to accompany my mind .Only  a very fit man can enjoy a ling walk.It invigorates the body and refreshes the mind .One seems to drink life at every pore.

I hate physical exercise in any form and ,if somebody assures me that
walking is only an improved form of physical exertion,I will gibe it up straightaway.I
walk because it opens up new vistas of life  before me ,which remain lamentably closed in
play grounds and grassy lawns.O ! for the joy of mere walking; leaping from rock to

Now I come to my second hobby: photography.I do not exactly know how I came to love
it.Even now my interest in ti is very lukewarm.I began with a Baby Brownie, which was
presented to me by my cousin on my sixteenth birthday.He was the first to be shot with his
own gift.The result was horrible .Every one of us was ashamed of it.He looked so ghastly in the picture.
My hobbies
My hobby Photography
Now photography became my passion.I went with my camera slung from my
shoulders looking for suitable faces.Some of my best pictures belong to that period.They are pictures of hill, revers,trees,men and women.

Photography has many advantages.Things are always young.What is refreshingly young
today may be insufferably old tomorrow .Even the glorious hues of nature are short-lived .
Besides,there are other unique moments in life which we like to preserve.Photography
enables us to preserve these cherished moments.Some of the pictures which appear so trivial today will assume a new life when we shall look at them after years .I wish I could have a beautiful camera and a cargo of films! I would become a vagrant photographer and 'shoot' every beautiful face.
                  There are my hobbies .I believe you like them.

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