Saturday, March 29, 2014

Essay:Life In A Big City

Life in a big city has its own advantages and disadvantages.I realized this thing when I
happened to visit Karachi last month.Life in a big city has a number of facilities which cannot
be available to those living in small towns and villages .A big city is usually the center of
trade and industry .There are offices of big business firms and of various government
departments.So people can get varied chances of employment and business and better
opportunities of progress.They can travel by air ,train or bus to any other city within the
country or to any other country of the world.They enjoy the facilities of telephone ,talex and
newspaper to keep themselves well-informed about the fast changing world of business and
politics.They can see and meet an important foreign dignitary visiting their country.
If they feel tires of bored by  the daily business.They can go to recreate themselves in some
cinema music hall, exhibition ,club,park or playground of their choice.If they fall ill,they can
get admission in the best hospitals and avail themselves of the services of the most
experienced and expert doctors.

They can send their children to the best educational institutions and training centers available
in the country .They can easily approach any high authority of the country, including
the President and the Prime Ministry.The cultural environment of a big city goes a useful for
the country and the nation.The city people keep themselves abreast of the new fashions
and healthy developments in dress, furniture and other household amenities of life.They
enjoy in the real sense and live in an elegant style .It is a glamorous and enviable life in all

Life in a big city has its ugly aspects also.The ever increasing population of big
cities creates  many problems of huge dimension.Most of the people have to live in
slums or small flats of many storied buildings .They remain deprived of fresh
ail,open sunshine and green view for ever.Humanity seems to stagnating in these dark and
narrow holes,without ever having seen the sun setting or rising.Nothing pure and fresh can
be available for eating of drinking .Even the air and water in big cities are polluted.The noise
made by the heavy traffic and the smoke and dust raised by it make the life of people really

Those living in houses close to the problem of over crowding everywhere on the roads, in
the streets and shops, class-room ,hospitals, buses , etc. The traffic is so heavy and fast that it
is no less than an ordeal to cross a road or reach  home safe.

The prices of the things of daily use,especially of meat, milk ,fruit ,vegetables ,flour etc.
are three or four times higher than in rural areas.Due to the increased cost of living, people
have to work day and night to maintain a reasonable standard of living.They remain hurries
and worried all the time .They remain  deprived of the leisure and peace
of mind enjoyed by the people living in villages.

There is a strange kind of loneliness in big cities, because people are strangers even
to their next door neighbour.This sense of social isolation is badly felt in time of
death and distress.There is no one to share your joys and sorrow s as in village
society.The road accidents and explosions that take place daily in big cities,have made
 human life most insecure and uncertain.It is quite possible that a person may leave his house
quite hale and hearty in the morning ,going to his shop or office,but his dead body may reach
home after an hour.In short ,life in a big city is not as enviable as it appears to be.In the end
of life is peace of mind and real happiness, it is not to be found in big cities.

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