Saturday, November 30, 2013

Essay: My Favourite Teacher

I am a college student ,and I have been receiving education from a number of teachers at
school as well as college: I have great respect for all of them and feel highly obliged to them
equally.All of them have contributed in their own way to my mental and moral development.
But the college teacher who has impressed me most of all is our English teacher.He is in fact
an ideal teacher and commands the admiration of almost all the students of all the classes
allotted to him.He is popular in the whole college and the students feel eager of getting his
section.I and many other students make it a point not to miss his lecture in any case.He
seems to be a born teacher who derives pleasure in teaching, and makes his lectures
pleasurable and inspiring for the students.The name of my favourite teacher is Mr.Shaukat Ali
and he is a senior member of English department.He is a smart-looking,well dressed gentleman
of more than forty years in age, with a sweet and impressive personality.
My Favourite Teacher
My Favourite Teacher
The most remarkable quality of my favourite teacher is the great command that he has
over his subject.English is considered a difficult subject by a majority of students .Most of
them fail in English because they cannot properly follow the lecture of their teacher .It goes to
the credit of Mr.Shaukat that he speaks in easily understandable English and makes
everything perfectly clear.He always starts a new lesson with brief introduction which
makes it easy to ,understand the reading of text.During the lecture whenever be feels that the
students have failed to understand his point, be explains it in Urdu.At the end of the
discussion ,he tells his students what kind of questions can be set in the examination on that
lesson.During the discussion of text,he asks questions from the students and invites their
opinion.This keeps them attentive and interested throughout,That is why the examination
results of his classes have always been exemplary.

Mr.Shaukat is liked by me and many other students for his moralizing attitude in the
class.He never misses a chance of tendering a valuable piece of advice to his students about
their duties as good citizens and true Muslims.He is am man of literary taste ,religious outlook
of life and a good awareness of current affairs .He often refers to the Holy Quran,the Hadith
and the poetry of Dr.Iqbal to illustrate his point of view.This makes his lectures very
enjoyable .He believes that teaching of his character and the widening of his mental horizon.His
lecture open new window in the minds of students and make them better aware of social
problems ,and moral values.
My Favourite Teacher
My Favourite Teacher
fAnother cause of my favourite teacher's popularity is that be is a man of enviable
disposition and good character.He always enters the class with cheerful ,smiling face .He tries
to be friendly and frank with his students and tries to inspire in them a new confidence and a
heal their outlook of life.Many of them go to him to discuss their private problems and
difficulties.He is a witty person who entertains his students with good
humorous remarks.We have never found him rebuking or
discouraging weak students or injuring their feelings of self-respect.He wins the hearts of
students by his accommodative and patronizing attitude.His students not only respect him but
also love him from the core of their hearts.Mr. Shaukat ,is fact an ideal teacher and a truly
respectable person for his students.

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