Thursday, November 7, 2013

Essay: "Life in College Hostel"

The college hostel is s state where people live in perfect harmony .students coming from
different parts of the country or a province forget all their differences and begin to live like
members of a vast family.All distinctions of birth are forgotten.The poorest boy feels
equal to the richest boy.Friendships which would last a life time are made here.All boys are
knit by bonds of love.Even if there are differences among boys,they are expressed in a very
healthy manner.

Hostel is an essential part of a college or university .It is usually located within the
campus of the educational institutions .It provides facilities of lodging and
messing to those students whose parents live in distant towns and
villages.Hostel life is ,no doubt,the most pleasurable period of a student' life.It has its deep
impressions and memories which cannot be forgotten during the rest of life.Hostel,life also
has its own educative value .It plays an important role in the development of character and
personality of the student.

Hostel life provides many facilities to a student which cannot be available to him at the
house of his parents.Since the hostel is situated within the college campus,his time on
coming and going to college daily is saved.In every hostel,there is a Reading Room,
containing many daily,newspapers and magazines of different kinds.He can increase his
general knowledge by means of this rich informative reading material.He can cultivate a habit
of reading and gets an opportunity to increase his awareness of life which can be very useful
in his after-life .similarly ,every hostel has a big Common Room,where students assemble
daily in the evening and take part in various indoor games like Table Tennis,Chess,
Cards game ,Carrom board Luddo,etc .Now a days the addition of T.V sets has multiplied the
charm of hostel common rooms.There are annual contests and competitions among the
hostel students in various games,making of speeches,debates,recitation of Holy Quran
and singing songs.Prizes are given to those who excell others in different fields and activities.

Hostel life gives practical training tho a student in his mental,moral and spiritual
development.He has to observe the rules made by the students themselves and the decisions
taken unanimously .All the students take meals together at the fixed times.They
have fixed hours for studying ,playing ,going to sleep and getting up in the morning.Nobody
can leave hostel without the permission of the superintendent;nor is he allowed to stay out
late at night.Therefore hostel life gives practical lessons in punctuality,regularity and
discipline.These qualities and good habits prove very useful in his practical life in the future.
Hostel life also inculcates self-confidence in a student and produces in him the qualities of
leadership and self-help.He has to lead life without the aid of his parents as well as
servants.Every hostel students has to make his own bed,polish his own shoes,press his own
clothes and manage his own daily affairs.The students are allowed to elect every month a
mess Manager out of themselves to decide what to eat and how much to spend.

The most important advantage of hostel life is the opportunity of free communion and
intimate relationship between young men of the same age.They belong to different
families ,having different habits,manners and views of life.This provides a good chance for
a hostel student to learn from others and to pick their good habits and manners.It also enables
him to have a good understanding of different human nature and human minds.The student
learns to understand his room-mates and to behave with them in a befitting manner.
This practical training in human understanding proves very helpful to him when be becomes
an officer or a business man.

There is the other side of the picture also.Hostel life also has certain demerits and is so expensive that most of the parents cannot afford it and refuse to give
higher education to their sons and daughters.A hostel student cannot enjoy the freedom and
privacy which he can have at the house of his parents.It is true that he is free to spend his
time and money in any way he likes.Yet he feels disturbed by the presence of different
minded students in his room.He cannot study or sleep peacefully according to his free will.
Since the students are living away from the control of parents,they may adopt bad society and
waste their time and money in visiting hotels,cinema house,etc.In spite of these
disadvantages ,the educative value of hostel life is undeniable.Most of the rich parents like to
send their children to residential institutions.The qualities developed during hostel life and
the friendship made here prove life-long and very valuable.

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