Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Essay: Kashmir Issue

Kashmir is still an unsettled issue of the plan of the partition of the
sub-continent.According to the plan of the division of the sub-continent ,people of
different areas were allowed to join either India of Pakistan.The areas where the Muslims were
in majority became Pakistan.The 80% population of Kashmir consisted of the
Muslims.They wanted to join Pakistan.Hari singh, the ruler of Kashmir plotted
against Pakistan and signed the agreement of accession to India.India
occupied the territory unlawfully .The people of Kashmir fought against
India for their freedom and freed a part of Kashmir from India occupation.That freed
part of Kashmir is now under the control of Pakistan.The rest of Kashmir is held by
India .Pakistan and India fought two wars over this issue but the problem of Kashmir could not be deicided.

It needs the attention of the world to solve the problem of Kashmir .Though the
resolutions of UNO still exist for the solution of the problem, no solid
steps have yet been taken in this direction.The whole world is realizing the gravity of
the problem .Now when both the countries related to this problem have become the atomic
powers, the need for the solution of the problem has become the most urgent.

At present, the situation of peace in Kashmir is very bad .The Indian armed
forces are trying to crush the freedom movement of Kashmiris. They are killing
children, murdering men and insulting women .In spite of all this, the
people of Kashmir are determined to get freedom from India.Kashmir, the
paradise on earth is burning.It is waiting for someone to come to put out its
fierce flames.The following measures may be of some help towards the solution of
this problem.

Now the problem of Kashmir has become one of the important problems of the world.
The Government of Pakistan should take advantage of the situation.It should send
delegations to different countries to highlight the issue.The world should be
informed about the violation of human rights in Indian held Kashmir.The problem
should be discussed through solid arguments on every international forum .
The Muslim countries should be requested to support us in this respect.The
UNO may be asked to send its forces in Indian held Kashmir to hold a just
plebiscite .Human Right organizations should be asked to come in the valley
to observe the situation themselves.I an sure if we are earnest and
sincere ,the problem would be solved in near future.

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