Monday, November 18, 2013

Essay: Importance of Games And Sports

Games and sports have an important role in the life of a young man.They are those
activities which we pursue for the sake of pleasure.They are different from work or daily
duties which we perform to earn money.There is a slight different between games and
sports.Sports and Games have an importance in education. Games are played by groups of players or teams,such as football, cricket, hokey,etc
On the other hand, sports are played by players in their individual capacity, such as races,
jumps, athletics,etc.

Source of recreation:

Games and sports are a very cheap and popular source of recreating
one self.Recreation is an important requirement of human life.No human being can afford to
remain busy day and night earning money like a machine .Over work has adverse effect on
human health.Such a man becomes aged too soon.Human life becomes dull and boring .
Every worker needs some leisure after performing his daily duties.He must get time to feel
free and enjoy himself in any way he likes.There are people who want to go to sleep or
gossip,wander or play cards or enjoy music during leisure.But is not a healthy use of this
time.If a man remains sitting at his house ,he will go on thinking about his tired mind and
body his problems and responsibilities.His mind will not get relief from the burden of painful
worries .The best thing for him would be to go out and play some game.It will refresh his
tired mind and body.When a man is busy in playing come game or witnessing some match, he
is lost in its excitement.He forgers his painful thoughts for the time being, and this is very
useful for mental health.

Useful for health:

Games are also useful for physical health.It is said that human body is
just like a machine .If a machine remain out of action for a long time ,it becomes rusted.
Similarly if human body is kept idle and inactive for a long time, it also gets out of
order.An idle person falls an easy prey to diseases.In fact ,motion is the law of life.All those
things of nature which are moving and struggling are alive.Therefore,kind of physical
exertion is essential for keeping human body fit and smart .That is why players look more
young and energetic than the other people.They can face the attack of diseases bravely.The
need of physical exercise has become very great in the modern age.Science has made our
lives very comfortable and lethargic.People do not like even to walk over a short
distance.They take rich food but have nothing to exert to digest it .There fore , most of the rich
people suffer from fatness, gas-trouble ,blood-pressure diabetes heart trouble,etc.All these
diseases are the result of over-eating and and physical illness.Therefore,we must play come game
to keep ourselves physically fit and health.

Personality Development:

Games also play an important part in the development of
human personality.They produce the qualities of leadership and self-confidence in young
men .They learn practical wisdom and such values of life which cannot be learnt from books
and class room lectures.Every game is played according to certain rules.No player can be
careless or selfish .Therefore, games provides us training in discipline ,regularity ,punctuality
and co-operation.A player also learns patience and the quality of tolerance.He
learns how to tolerate unpleasant situations ,insulting remarks and foolish behavior.
He develops sport man's spirit and becomes large hearted and broad-minded.This quality
proves useful in his practical life as a government officer of businessman.A player gets more
chances to mix up with young men of different minds ,interests, habits and manners.He
learns how to deal with them and how to adopt their good qualities .Therefore ,games provide
practical training in human under standing and human relation, it is this reason that sports
men are preferred for army and police services.


Games are no linger a matter of
private interest of young man.They are encouraged and patronized by the government.Games
and sports have assumed international importance .Every year competitions in different games
are held in different parts of the world, such as Olympics, World Games,Asian Games,
Champion's Hockey, etc. But players and team of different countries take part in these
international competitions.They compete with one another and earn fame and
honour for themselves and their countries.That is why a good player is a good
ambassador of his country.He makes the name of his country famous all over the world
like Imran Khan and Jahangir Khan of Pakistan.The players are also called the ambassadors
of peace, because they help in promoting the feelings of friendship and co-operation in the
world.The nation that love to play together do not like to fight against each other.

In short games and sports have great significance for the persons as well as nation.But it
is very regrettable that they have not been given proper importance in our system of
education.It is true that all kinds of games are player in our school ,college and
universities.But majority of the students of the students consider it wastage of time to play game this is
because there is no credit for being a player .If a students is a player ,no mention of it is made
on it is degree.He gets employment mainly in view of his academic performance.Therefore ,
all of our students become book worms ,burying themselves in books and
mugging important questions from the examination point or view.This has had effect on their
health and training of character.This situation can be reformed if played is made compulsory
for all students and there are fixed marks for being a sports man .This will improve our
national health and will save our students from aimless wandering and taking part in
unhealthy activities.