Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Essay:Our National Hero or My Favourite Leader

Every nation has got its own heroes .They are men of exceptional qualities sand strength
of character.They perform wonderful achievements which benefit the whole nation and the
whole mankind.A National hero may be a brave soldier, a great poet, a scientist of a

Our most important national hero is the Quaid-i- Azam.I like him very much ,because he
has greatly impressed me by his honesty ,intelligence and hark struggle.He is the great man
who won Pakistan for us and is called its founder .We are highly obliged to him because he
saved us from the slavery of the Hindus.His real mane was Muhammad Ali Jinnah.He was
born to a business man of Karachi.He was very intelligent, serious, and responsible person
from the very beginning of his life .After completing his education in the country,he
proceeded to England for higher education in Law.After returning home ,he
started his practice as a lawyer at Bombay .At the same time he began to take interest in the political
affairs.It was the time of Freedom Movement against the British Rule over India .In the
beginning,Quaid-i-Azam joinde the Indian National Congress and worked for Hindu Muslims
Unity.But soon he realized that the Hindus were prejudiced against the Muslims and
were not prepared to give them their basic rights.He felt that the Hindus and Muslims could
never live together peacefully in the same country .He was so wise politically that
he believed that freedom of India would be meaning less for the Muslims because they
would get Hindu rulers in place of the English rulers.

Therefore Quaid-i-Azam left Indian Congress and joined Indian Muslim League.All
the Muslims leaders like Dr.Iqbat ,Liaqat Ali ,Maulana Shaukat Ali and others supported him
and made him their leader.He was superior to all of them in political sagacity and strength of
character.He struggled hard and worked day and night to get a separate country for the Indian
Muslims.He had to face the united opposition of the Hindus,the British leaders and some of j
the Muslim scholars.His enemies tried their best to purchase him and to put him to death ,but
they could mot succeed .He was an old man suffering from a dangerous disease which was
making him weak day by day .The doctors advised him again and again to take complete res,
but he did not care for his own life for the sake of the fulfillment of his mission of life.

At last he succeeded in achieving Pakistan on fourteenth August, 1947.It was no less
than a miracle to get such a biggest Islamic country of the world without fighting any
battle and without having any army.Unfortunately Quaid-i-Azam could not live longer to
guide his nation and to strengthen his new found state.After one year of independence ,he
died on 11th of September 1948.He was buried in Karachi.But in reality,he lives in the
hearts of all the Pakistanis.So long as this country exists on the map of the world ,the
generation of Muslims will to on paying homage to this great man .Actually ,he was a
martyr who sacrificed his own life to give political independence to the Muslims of
India and their children.Great men like him are rarely born in history.

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