Sunday, April 20, 2014

Essay:A Road Accident

Road accidents have become common affair of modern life .Every day the newspaper is
full of horrible news about the accident taking place in different parts of the country.
These accidents are the ugly aspect of the scientific progress. Science has given us wonderful
means of transport which have made traveling comfortable and speedy. But accidents take
place daily on the surface earth, the sea and the sky. Many valuable humans' lives are lost
And precious machinery is destroyed.These accidents have made human life quite
unsafe and uncertain. They are the result of rash driving and ignoring the rules of

Last month, I happened to witness a very tragic road accident. I was going to my college
on my bicycle in the morning .When i reached close to the college .I saw a big crowd of
people on the road .i came to know fearful accident and just taken place between a cat and a
Tonga. The horse of the Tonga driver was inexperienced and uncontrollable .It was going on
the wrong side on the road .A car was coming at high speed from the opposite direction.The
car driver blew the horn again and again.The tonga driver strived  hard to put his
horse on the right side, but failed.The car driver applied brakes at the last moment.But the
car slipped and struck direct in to the tonga.The horse was killed on the spot.His dead body
was lying on the road,surrounded by pool of blood that had flown out of his body .The tonga
was badly broken.The passengers had a miraculous escape.Some of them received minor
injuries.But the tonga driver himself was seriously injured .He was lying unconscious on the
road .People were trying to bring him to senses by putting water in to his mouth.It was a very
pathetic scene.I could not help feeling for the poor fellow who had been completely
ruined .His horse had been killed and his tonga had been broken irreparably .His
own life was hanging in the balance.

On the other hand ,the car driver received minor injuries on his face.But the head lights
and the wind screen of his car were badly broken.To police men reached the spot and
prepared the report.They were very anxious to safe the life of the tonga driver.He was put in
to the same car by the police men and was rushed to the hospital.

I came to the college, but could not attend the lecture with full attention.I was
constantly thinking of the poor tonga driver and his misfortune.When I was returning home ,I
was shocked to learn that the poor tonga driver had demised soon after reaching the hospital.I
felt great pith for the poor fellow because he had left behind a widow and five small
children.The horrible scene of this tragic accident has left indelible impression on my mind.
My hair stand on end whenever I recollect it.

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