Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essay:A Village Fair

Fairs are very common in our country .They are generally held in the honour of
some pious person.They are often held after the harvest is over.People have
leisure and  money .They can spend time as well as money to make them a success.

All sorts of people attend the fair at the shrine. The go to the fair for the sake of
merry making and enjoyment.At one place, you see a merry go round with its load of
children .At  another place ,we find the juggler showing his tricks.acrobats and rope dancers
also perform their seats in a corner.In a village fair, people get a chance to buy and sell their
goods.These fairs have a religious touch also.They also encourage trade and let the people
have a get together.I have seen many fairs in my life.The village is remarkable for its activity.
Once I happened to go to village fair .The village is situated on Lahore Faisalabad road.Its
name is Kot Mehmood .There is a spacious ground near the road side .In the middle ,there is a
tomb of a pious person.I do not know his real name but he is known as SHAH BUKHARI.
There is fair popular belief that on the day of fair ,it always rains.The fair lasts for three days.

The drummers come from far and near and beat their drums in the front of tomb .They beat 
them loud and fast .People offer FATEH at tomb.Women come to greed the dead saint.But
most of the people come to enjoy the fair.

There are sweet shops .The villagers stand around them and buy the sweets eagerly
"pakoras" are sold in large quantities .They are fresh and spicy.Mangoes and water melons are also

There are peep shows and cinemas .It is at night that villagers go to see the
cinema show .There is a snake charmer who show different feats to the people .He has a lot
of snakes.He catches hold of the snake in his hand and show it freely to the people .The
people are greatly amused at the different movements of the snake.

The villagers take a part in many games .They arrange matches of wrestling and kabaddi.
The wrestling matches are often exciting and thrilling.Some village singers also collect a
large gathering of people.There is also found the presence of policemen.They try to maintain
the law and order in the fair.

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