Saturday, September 7, 2013

Essay: "A Picnic Party or An Excursion"

Importance of pleasure trips

Excursions or pleasure trips have an importance in the education and training of
character of students.They provide a welcome relief from the boring routine of class lectures
and home work.They also provide a chance to the students to mix up with one another and
.become closer on friendly level.The trips to big cities,hill stations and historical places have
their educative value also.The students get a chance to see different parts of their country and
to know about the important achievements of the past or the present

We made a plane

Last month,I also went on a trip to Jahangir s Tomb at Lahore.The examination has just
ended and We were feeling free and released.Some of mu friends came to me and we chalked
out a programme to visit historical places at Lahore.The next day I got up early in the morning
and starts for the railway station after taking breakfast changing dress and receiving some
money from my my parents.My friends had already reached the railway station and were waiting
for me .We purchased tickets and boarded a train that was bound for Lahore.

We reached at Lahore

After a journey of two hours, our train reached Lahore Railway station.We were
surprised to see such a big station with a number of platforms and flight of stairs.We
came out of the railway station and hired a taxi car for Tomb of Jahangir.On the way,we
bought some sweets,fruit and other eatables.When we reached near the bridge of the river
Ravi,We decided to alter our programme and enjoy roving for some
time.We hires a boat and a boatman and went far into the river.Our friend Saleem is a very
good singer.He entertained us with a few film songs and Ghazals.Felling hungry and the
sight of patties and sweet smell of Kababs made our mouth water.We sat down under the
shade of a cool tree and did full justice to our precious possessions.

We reached at jJahangir's Tomb

After that we hires a tonga and reached the tomb of Emperor Jhangir. A large number of
men ,women and children had also come to visit this historical building.I felt very happy to
see the green lawns.the tall cypress trees growing in long lines and the beautiful fountain
which were gushing up water and presenting an enchanting scene.We entered the tomb of
the late King and offered prayer for the salvation of his soul.I was wonderstruck to
see the beautiful masonry work and the artistic designs made by the Muslim masons
of the past.I also realized how temporary and unreliable the worldly glory and the power of
the Kings are.After some time, we came out of the tomb and climbed on one of its lofty
tower.With the help of circulating stairs we went so high that the whole city of Lahore could
be seen lying before our eyes.It is very amusing to see the people waling in streets and
the cars moving on the roads that looked like small ants. It was very inspiring scene to see the
shining water of the river flowing against the background of green fields and blue sky.We
kept standing there and enjoyed this wonderful scene to our heats content.

We reached at home 

At last we descended and went to cafe to refresh ourselves with cold drinks and light
entertainment.All of us felt much tired and decided to return home.This time we traveled by
bus and reached home late at night .Our parents were feeling much worried and felt relived at
our arrival.I was so much exhausted that I went to sleep soon taking the meal.It was
indeed ,a well-spend day and I remember it still.

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