Monday, September 23, 2013

Essay: "My First Day at College"

College is a romantic word for young students when they are at school.They are very
anxious to enter this wider world of education that promises more liberty and
better chances of progress than school life.After passing Matriculation in high first division.I
also got admission in the most famous college of our city.It was during the summer vacation
that the admission had been completed.The college re-opened on the first of September and I
went to join the regular class work.Naturally I was in high spirits,and my mind was full of
expectations as well as fears.As soon as I entered the main gate of the college,I came across
a group of senior students.They were busy in making fool of the first year students.They
greeted me rather so warmly and began to cut dirty jokes with me.One of them
stamped me "To Let"at the back of my shirt.Another of them turned my well-wisher and
asked others not to tease the noble boy.He asked me to count from one to twenty in a breath.I
could not but obey.He appreciated my intelligence and took away my pen.

I was feeling much nervous when another group of senior students came to my rescue.
They were wearing the badges of various students organizations.They led me th the College Hall
where many other first year students had assembled.An elderly looking professor was
advising the first entrants about their new stages in educational career.Then he dictated the
time table to the Arts and Science students,pointing out the names of various lecturers
teaching them different subjects in different rooms.After that we were asked to go to our
classes to attend the first period.I went to the allotted room to attend the first lecture that was
on Chemistry.I was surprised to know that some senior students were already sitting on the
benches to ridicule the first year simple boys.Fortunately the teacher entered the
class well in time and the naughty boys had departed.Our lecturer in chemistry was a smart
looking,well dressed young man who became friendly and frank in a minute.First of all he
took the roll call .It was amusing to hear different students answering the call in
different words, such as "Yes sir;Hazar Janab,Lubbaik",etc.After taking the attendance ,the
teacher gave a general lecture on the subject on the subject of chemistry and its importance in practical life.I
was deeply impressed to see him speaking in English so fluently.Some of the students of the students,
especially those coming from village school,found it difficult to follow the lecture that was
in English.When the bell rang ,we went to another room to attend the lecture on another
subject.After attending three consecutive periods,we got one period off.

One of my fellow student took me to the college library.I was surprised to see the big
hall of the library lined up with"almirahs"full of books on various subjects.There was a
corridor containing newspaper stands and large table with magazines fixed on them.
The students in free periods come to read these newspapers and magazines.I was deeply
impressed by the cleanliness of the place and the silence prevailing all around.In the
recess period we went to the college canteen to refresh, ourselves with some cold drink.I
found the students sitting here in various groups ,taking tea samosas cakes,etc.And talking
about their daily lectures or politics.After attending all the periods,I got free at 2 O' clock and
returned home fully satisfied with my college and its standard of education.

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