Sunday, September 22, 2013

Essay: "The Profession of My Life"

Importance of the choice of a profession

Every human has been sent in this world with a purpose .God has given different
qualities of mind and body to the people to perform different duties of life.It is the first duty
of every educated man to understand himself and to determine some aim of life
for himself.Aim or goal is as important for a man as destination for a ship.I think
a man should choose his profession according to his own nature and inclination.If
a man of poetic mind is forced to become a shopkeeper.He will be a failure.Moreover,a
good profession must given man an honourable position in society and sufficient income to
meet his needs of life.

My aim in life

There are a number of profession and aims of life such as business,forming, medicine,
 engineering,teaching ,service in the army,etc.According to me, the medical profession is the
 best in the words,and it is my ideal.I want to become a doctor in order to serve my country
men, especially those living in rural areas/The poor villagers in Pakistan can not get medical
aid if they fall ill or meet some accident.My aim is to set up a good clinic in some far of
village.It will give me pleasure to relieve people of their distress,pain and ailment.
The best service of humanity is to provide relief to those who are in pain and distress.I would
not make this profession a means of amassing wealth by fleecing the helpless people .I
would not charge any examination fee or visiting fee.As far as possible I would treat the poor
patient free.

Reasons to chose this profession

I like this profession also because there is greet scope for intelligence and hard work in
this field.Research in the medical field is going on in every country on the world.New
medicines and medical instruments are being invented day by day.I would like to adopt all
these modern methods of treatment and would keep my self up -to-date.A doctor never retires
from his profession like a government servant.The more aged a doctor becomes,the more
experienced and valuable as he grows.Therefore ,the personality of a doctor does not
degenerate and he is never fed up with his work.Daily he gets new cases to treat and
interesting patients to deal with.

I like this profession for another reason.It gives freedom and respect to a man which he
cannot get in any other profession.A doctor is not bound to any authority.He may join the
government service or establish hos own private hospital.Many doctor reign after getting
experience by working in the Army or government hospitals.This profession has a number of
fields and specialties,and I can join any one of them,according to my interest.

In view of these merits,I want to join this profession.I have taken up pre-medical
subjects for my intermediate examination and I am working hard to get high first division and
to come on the merit list.May God help me in the fulfillment of this noble aim of life

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