Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Essay: "Technical Education"

Education is an essential need of human life.An uneducated man remains under
developed mentally.HE cannot be much useful for his family and nation .That is why modern
governments give great important to the education of their men as well as women.The huge
population can be a source of strength for a country,provided it is widely educated and
properly trained.

In our country also Government is spending a lot of money on the education of the
people.Unfortunately it has failed to show the desired results.This is because our system of
education is not designed to meet the requirements of the time .Pakistan is an agricultural
country where there is great scope ,for industrial and commercial, development.therefore,
our young men should get education in agriculture,commerce, science and technology.With
the gradual and other fields of production, we need engineers, technicians, skilled workers
mechanics ,fitters, scientists, business administrators,etc But avast majority of our college
and university students are busy in getting education in languages, literature, social sciences
and arts subject.Such an education makes them men of ideas but not men of technique and
skill.They aspire to become high-placed government servants.Such jobs are limited,
while the candidates go on increasing year after year.This has resulted in
unemployment which is fastly spreading in the educated section of society.Thus our
colleges and universities have become clerk-producing factories ,and the whole system of
education is a wastage of time, money and human resources on a large scale.

The only remedy of this alarming situation is to make education purposeful and job
oriented .In other words, the education of science and technology and engineering must be
given top priority .General education up to Matriculation should be made
compulsory for each and all .After that only a limited number of capable and deserving
students should be sent to colleges and universities for higher education in humanities.The
 rest of the young generation mist be sent to technical institutes, politechniques and various
training centers.

we must remember that we are living on an age of high technology and increased use of
machinery in every field of life .In order to survive and to have an honourable position tin the
family of nations, we will have to adapt ourselves to the requirements of the
time,God has blessed us with valuable natural resources such as fertile land , vast ocean, solar
energy, minerals, etc .These can be developed and exploited only by be use of
machinery and advanced techniques.The technical experts and trained person must be
supplied by our education system .We can no longer afford to import such workers from

In this respect we mist keep the example of Japan and China before our eyes.Each and
every house in these countries is serving as a part of the countryside industrial production.
Young men and women are educated and trained to learn some skill or technique to earn their
living .The result is that Japan and China have captured almost all the markets in Asia,
Africa ,Europe and America.The Japanese workers are producing so much that the whole
world is flooded with Japanese goods .The only way of finishing poverty and unemployment
in Pakistan is to spread technical education in every nook and corner of the country

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