Sunday, April 20, 2014

Essay: Science In The Service Of Society

Science is the most valuable field of human knowledge.It has greatly helped man in his
practical life.It has made life very comfortable and enjoyable.All the progress that man has
made is due to science .It has made him the crown of creation in the real sense .Man is no
longer at the mercy of Nature .He is hot afraid of the wild animals and sudden changes in
weather .Science has helped man to explore the hidden treasures earth,the depths of j
the sea and the heights of mountains.Man can fly like birds and has successfully landed on
the moon.Man has explored all the hidden treasures of the earth such as coal ,oil, minerals,
etc.He is now in search of new world of stars and the Mars.

The knowledge of science has greatly helped man in his fight  against disease, poverty
and ignorance.It has provided him wonderful medicines to control the diseases which were
fatal once upon  a time .Science has also provided the doctor wonderful medical test and
instruments to diagnose the defects of human machinery .Surgery has advanced so much that
eyes, kidneys and heart of one body can be transplanted into another.In case of accidents ,we
can have artificial limbs of plastic to live a normal life.

Scientists have invented machines to increase the production of things of daily use.They
have also thought us new methods of storing and preserving the perishable
commodities like meat, eggs, fruit ,vegetables ,etc. These things now can be available out of
season and out of place.The days of famine and scarcity have come to an end forever.The
invention of wheel has brought about a revolution in the field of transport and travel .Man has
railways cars ships and aeroplanes to travel on the surface of the earth,the sea and the sky.

He can travel more comfortably and at much higher speed .The distance which was covered in
months and years can now be covered in days and hours.The wonderful inventions of
telephone ,telegraph ,television,and radio have further destroyed the barriers of time and
distance between persons and nations .They are co-operating with one another in field of
trade, industry and research .The invention of the printing press has greatly helped.The days
of kings ,barons and cruel rulers have come to an  end.We are living in the age of
enlightenment democracy and social justice.Electricity is ,perhaps ,the most important
invention of science.It is being used as source of light,heat and power .As s source of power ,
it is behind the movement of every kind of wheel in the field of agriculture, industry and
transportation.With the help of electric power ,man has succeeded in demolishing mountains,
changing the source of rivers, turning deserts into smiling fields ,etc.air-conditioners and
refrigerators have turned this world into paradise.The discovery of atomic energy has brought
about a revolution in human civilization .It is being used for  the production of electric power,
curing of certain diseases like cancer and the improvement of the quality as will as quantity of
agricultural products .In short ,mankind is highly indebted to the scientists for their wonderful

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