Saturday, October 26, 2013

Essay: "A Journey By Train (or) Scene at A Railway Station"

Railway train is still a popular means of transport in our country.It has its own charm
and pleasures.Although some times trains get late beyond our expectations,yet
people prefer traveling by them.Travel by train is comparatively safer and
cheaper.Its seats are more roomy than those of buses and the passengers get the facility
of a berth in case of a long journey.There is no problem of toilet during the journey.The slow
speed of the train enables the passengers to enjoy fresh air and green view of the out side

Last month I performed a journey by train from my home town to Lahore.Its pleasant
memories are still fresh in my mind.The elder brother of my friend was going to be married at
Lahore.He invited me and a few other friends to participate .We decided to travel by train that
starts early in the morning .I got permission and some money from my parents and
starts for the railway station on the appointed day.When I reached the railway station I found my
friends waiting for me .We bought tickets for Lahore and came on the railway plat-form.
There were a few minutes for the train to arrive.The signal had been pulled down and
passengers were looking towards the side of the train.there was s huge crowd of people and
a lot of hue and cry .The vendors were calling out the names of eatables for
sale .The coolies were running here and there in red uniforms, carrying the luggage of

At last, the railway train arrived and stopped at the plat-form.All the compartments were
packed to their full capacity.Many of the passengers were getting down while the others felt
impatient to board it.We did not know how to enter the compartment and get a comfortable
seat.with great difficulty I jumped through the window and reserved seats for my self and my
friends.After a while, the guard whistled and waved his green flag and our train
started for Lahore.

By chance I got seat near the window .From there I could enjoy the scene of the outside
world.I was delighted to see the green fields,the cattle grazing and the
farmers ploughing.By chance a blind beggar entered our compartment.He recited a
religious song and people gave him charity money .When he had departed
a medicine seller also came in .He showed a small bottle containing a wonderful medicine
that could cure twenty one diseases simultaneously.He admired it in such a way
that a large number of passengers purchased it.

At last, our train reached Lahore railway station.We were surprised to see such a big
railway station with number of platforms and flights of stairs .The porters rushed to
carry our burdens but we requested to let us depend on our own arms and legs.We came out
of the railway station and hired a taxi-car to reach the house of our friend.It was a very
pleasant journey and I enjoyed it much.

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