Monday, October 14, 2013

Essay: "Co-education"

Definition and Introduction of Co-education

Co-Education means the education of boys and girls in the same institute.Now a day, in
most of the countries, boys and girls get education together in school ,colleges and
universities.Co-education has advantages as well as disadvantages. In pakistan ,we have
co-education in primary schools ,in college ans post graduate classes.In high schools it is
not considered advisable to run combined classes

Arguments in Favour of Co-education

In this poor country ,much may be said in favour of co-education.It is economical to
 practice in Pakistan.How can we afford to have separate colleges for girls all over the
country?It is also not possible to build and equip separate laboratories, medical
schools and industrial schools for girls.There is an increasing demand for the education of
women,Lack of funds, scarcity of good teachers, inadequacy of
buildings are some of the hurdles that stand in the way of having separate institutes for girls.
Co-education is the only alternative to meet this demand.

It may also be argued that co-education helps th develop the character of students.By a
close association, their mutual shyness is removed, and they begin to understand each other
better.The zest for competition is stronger among sexes .In the presence of girls,
the male students generally behave well and this self-imposed restriction makes better
men of them.The healthy union of boys and girls lays a sure basis for happy married life.
Teachers,who have had experiences of both types of schools,opine that with the
presence of women the tone of educational institutes is raised.

Arguments Against Co-education

As against these arguments in favour of co-education, it may be stated that in tropical
countries sex-consciousness develops at an early age.It is therefore not advisable to offer
opportunities to the boys to mix with the girls freely.The adolescent age being romantic, is
not hesitant to break the rules of conventional morality.Besides, mixed schools are often
difficult manage.All sorts of arrangements are to be made to meet the requirement of girls.
The subjects which may be necessary for one sex may not be so for the other.In institutes
where co-education is prevalent, such things are taught to girls that never help them in
their future life.Surely the field of work for women being different from that of men, it is
useless to have one and the same syllabus for both sexes.
The physical effect of co-education is also mot healthy.Mixing of grown-up boys with
grown-up girls at the colleges and at Universities causes a great disturbance/

Co-education takes away the element of romance which is advantageous to marries life
Familiarity , as it is commonly known breeds contempt.It eliminates that element of
romance, which makes marriage condemnable.Some teachers also argue that there are
certain subjects which can be taught in the presence of both sexes with mental reservation
only.And the teacher , who feels embarrassment in the course of his lecture, can hardly do
justice to the subject.
We,in Pakistan ,cannot reap the real benefits of co-education.The boys and
girls sitting in the room occupy separate benches.They rarely meet outside the classroom
where the protection of the teacher is not available .The result is that there is no association
among them .The Pakistani educationists also being conservative at heart cannot manage the
combined classes with advantage.Co-education ,under these circumstances remains a half
way measure.


The argument of economy is very strong argument on favour of adopting co-education in
Pakistan.But it should be practiced after affecting certain modification .For instant, there is
no objection to the introduction of co-education among children under ten year of age.It
should then be abandoned up to degree classes.

No harm is however ,apprehended if co-education is introduced in the post graduate
classes.At this stage, boys and girls will have developed a sense of responsibility.
Co-education is fruitful, only when the environment is appropriate.


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