Saturday, October 26, 2013

Essay:"A Thrilling Match"

Games and sports have great importance in the life of young men .They are a good means
of entertainment and passing free time .Games are also useful for physical fitness.We can
also learn discipline , regularity and sportsman spirit from games.These games and sports are
given great importance in all the colleges and universities of our country.All the students are
encouraged to take part in them.

There are many games ,such as foot ball, hockey, cricket ,badminton, volley ball etc.But
I like cricket most of all.It is my favourite game and likes to play it whenever I get time.This
game is also very popular in our country.Whenever come foreign team visits our country
cricket matches are played in different cities of Pakistan.Huge crowd of people come to
watch matches.They are also shown on the television.

Last month I got a chance to see a one-day cricket match played between our National
teem and the Indian cricket team.Our college was closed to enable the stadium at 9
O'clock.We were surprised to see that all the enclosures had been fully packed.Men and
women,children and old persons from every walk of life had come to see this match.
Fortunately,we got seat near the commentator box.Both the teams were introduced to the
Governor of the Punjab who was the Chief Guest.The players liked to have a photograph
with him.

At the fixed time, the match started.Luckily, Younis Khan, the Captain of Pakistan team
won the toss.He invited the Indians to play first.Both the openers of the Indian team were
very experienced batsmen.but they could not play confidently before the Pakistani Bowlers.
the wicket was given great help to the fast bowlers like Omer Gull, Shoaib Akhtar and
Muhamad Amir.In the first five overs they took two wickets against only ten runs.It appeared
that the whole Indian Team would not be able to score even one hundred tuns.But the careful
batting by Dhooni and Youvrage gave a good stand to their team.But Younis Khan made a
wise change by introducing Shahid Afridi from the collede end .His ball was taking a sharp
turn and he took the important wicket of Dhooni in his first over.The fielding of our team
was very remarkable.The spectators clapped loudly when Shoaib took a very difficult catch.
Our Wicket Keeper Kamran Akmal showed a wonderful performance by stumping out three
Indian players.Two of them were run-out and the last three batsmen were caught behind the
wickets.At last the whole team was out after making only one hundred and forty three runs.

There was the lunch interval.We also opened our lunch boxes to refresh ourselves.
The stadium was presenting a colourful scene .Especially ,the enclosure for the ladies looked
very attractive.The people were enjoying music from the ground management.Many of them
were holding the national flags in their hands and loved to display them proudly.

At last the match started again and Imran Nazir came to open with Shahid afridi.The
target was quite easy and our batsmen played aggressive shots from the very
beginning.The captain f the Indian team tried many bowlers one after the other,but he could
not achieve a break through.Both the openers gave a solid start by scoring eight runs.Then
came the Younis Khan and Shosib Malik, who loved to hit the ball with full force.Whenever
they scored a sixer or hit to the boundry,people went mad with joy and jumped and danced at
their seats.In this way Pakistan defeated India by seven wickets.Shoaib Malik was
declared the man of the match.It was a very thrilling match and we enjoyed it very much.

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